Valve Regrets Love Affair With 360, Moves to Open Development

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A few years back, around the release of The Orange Box and Left 4 Dead, Valve was really going hard for Microsoft. They were trotting out quotes left and right saying how LIVE was the wave of the future and that the PS3 wasn’t really a good choice for developers. Fast forward to 2010, and opinions are changing. Back in July, Valve head honcho Gabe Newell swaggered out on stage at Sony’s E3 presser and announced that not only would Portal 2 be coming to the PlayStation 3, but it would be the premier version of the game. Naturally, some hyperbole is expected at E3, but Valve seems to be doing a neat about-face in regards to their console preferences.

Part of what caused Valve to change their mind about the X-Box 360 is that the development cycle for the system is very closed off. If you’re not familiar with Microsoft’s certification process, it is a very stringent battery of tests that need to be done internally by Microsoft before anything gets released to LIVE. This adds to the time needed to get patches out, even the critical ones. Microsoft also has a habit of insisting that downloadable content costs money, something Valve has preferred to avoid. The PS3, on the other hand, presents a much more open development platform for Valve, something they’re eager to utilize.

Part of why Valve is so happy to be developing on the PS3 now is that the platform allows for the integration of Steamworks, which is not permitted in closed environment like LIVE. Steamworks allows Valve to easily push out updates and DLC, something that killed Team Fortress 2 on the 360, an awkward situation that Valve views as a “failure”. While the PC version of the team-based shooter has enjoyed a bounty of free DLC including new maps, hats and class updates, the 360 version had languished with the bare-bones original product. Valve has postulated that 360 gamers would like to have Steamworks on their platform, but that decision isn’t up to them.

What do you guys think about Valve’s new stance. Kind of funny considering how readily they were willing to dismiss the PS3 just last year. You PS3 owners, are you eager for some Valve loving? If you own a 360, are you feeling a little dismayed by this turn of events?

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7 thoughts on “Valve Regrets Love Affair With 360, Moves to Open Development”

  1. Well, this kinda means no Orange Box DLC for either platform, due to EA having developed the port for the PS3, and Microsoft’s annoying LIVE tendencies…

  2. I think everyone knows that if you’re a Valve fan, you own a gaming PC. Or at least you need to. That will always be the best platform for Valve games.

  3. Can’t really blame Valve if Microsoft won’t let them do their thing but Sony will, Personally I’ve been getting Valve stuff on the PC instead of 360 simply because of the free DLC.

    As a 360 gamer the PS3 is sure looking strong at the moment.
    With Valve jumping ship, Bungie going multi-platform after reach and Microsoft’s love affair with Kinect. I’m seeing more reason to invest in the PS3 after a fantastic year for them.

  4. I am glad Valve wised up to the PS3. Perhaps there is a lesson to be learned here about talking too much in the press. They would be eating less crow right now.

    This is good news, as all I wanted was to play their games. Yay!

  5. Good for them, Sony > Microsoft always, and I don’t own either console lol.

    But just like SK said, if you’re a valve fan, it’s because you’ve played their stuff on PC most likely, and continue to use Steam anyways.

  6. This is the kind of thing that makes me consider selling my 360 and getting a PS3. With the cost of LIVE going up and the limitations in place from microsoft, the PS3 is really starting to look more attractive.

  7. I can’t wait much longer. I MUST know how many (if any) other Valve games are coming to PS3.
    If I had the luxury of a decent PC I’d certainly play Valve games, amongst others eg. Oblivion, on it but for now my friends and I are happy. Maybe their games will support mouse and keyboard?

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