Portal 2 Co-Op Demo from PAX

A few weeks ago, Valve released a brief Portal 2 co-op trailer. While it didn’t show us any actual gameplay, it finally gave us a small but illuminating look at what the game might entail for the many Portal fans that are dying to play with one another.

Over the weekend at PAX, though, Valve did even more: they brought a Portal 2 co-op demo with them for the world to see. As Mitch mentioned in his PAX 2010 round-up, there are definitely a few surprises to witness here. For one, instead of splitting the portal guns between the two players, both can each create both sets of portals, adding a layer of complication to the puzzles. There are some other surprises there, too, but I’ll let you guys see those for yourselves.

If these puzzles are any indication of how the later co-op puzzles could escalate, color me excited. Who else is dying to play this even more than before? What do you think of the gameplay they showed?

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4 thoughts on “Portal 2 Co-Op Demo from PAX”

  1. Knowing Valve, and from what they’ve shown so far, I can see this game becoming a serious mind screw. But I’m all the more excited because of that

  2. Man, looks like way too much fun. I just hope I have a partner who’s fast enough while I’m infinite falling so I don’t get motion sick like I did watching this guy fall lol.

  3. How much do you guys wanna bet that the “group” taunting will be in TF2’s next update?
    You heard it here first 😉

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