PlayStation Move Showcases Unique Features

Qore, the show brought to you by Sony on the PSN, had a pretty neat little demonstration of some of Move’s potential and capabilities. Now, being that I am easily impressed, I wanted to see what you guys thought about this because maybe I am just being a fanboy without realizing it. In addition to the adorable Veronica Belmont, you’ll catch a glimpse of some neat item modeling and a few other snazzy features. So check it out and let us know if this…moves you in any substantial way. (Sorry, please forgive that pun.)

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5 thoughts on “PlayStation Move Showcases Unique Features”

  1. While I can’t imagine the practical applications of some of this stuff in games, the multi-touch thing clearly goes above and beyond what the Wii can do in terms of precise input. It seems like it’d be cooler for interface kind of stuff, but I can imagine being able to use stuff like this in a Heavy Rain type of game, easily. This is kind of cool stuff, especially the first few minutes.

  2. Holy crap, the future is now.
    Well, as the Dead Pixel put it, I just can’t take anything seriously if it requires me to swing around dildos with brightly-colored ping-pong balls on the end.

    Motion control is just a phase that gaming needs to get over quickly. Luckily, I have a feeling that enough developers are going to keep making traditional-controller games and Motion Control will be left to pathetic gimmicky games and the occasional decent game.

  3. Well like I said a couple years ago, just wait until Sony gets aboard motion control and it will be a different story. The multitouch stuff will have great potential if people start treating the PS3 as an All-in-one “It only does EVERYTHING” machine as opposed to strictly a gaming console. Building models, working with music, etc etc. It would be nice if more people were willing to use Apps on their consoles instead of just games, then we could really push this technology and see where it goes. Unfortunately, that’s not the market. I guess we’ll just wait and see.

    1. That’s actually a really interesting thought, Julez. What would happen if someone released a legit music editing app or 3D modeling piece of software that ran on the PS3 or 360 with these kinds of features? It would open the console up beyond just gaming and really change the way people perceive these machines. I know that was Sony’s goal they stated many years back, but perhaps the PS3 could see those things realized.

  4. Exactly. Imagine if there was a powerful video editing application for Playstation that would let you work with HD footage, and you could sit down with one of the other guys editing Web Zeros or something, each with your own remote and point things out and go through the whole process, instead of sitting at a computer, etc. Probably isn’t realistic because of the power and HDD required, but it might be fun to fool around with.

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