Bungie Tempts Us With Halo: Reach Campaign Walkthrough

I think I’ve mentioned this little factoid on here before, but I am kind of a spoiler hound. There are very few occasions where I manage to keep myself totally in the dark about a story for any book, movie or game. Case in point, I was playing through the new Mass Effect 2 DLC last night, Lair of the Shadow Broker, and I looked up the end of the level while I was playing it. If that isn’t crazy behavior, I don’t know what is. Just to make the wait for Halo: Reach even more unbareable, Bungie has seen fit to release a walkthrough of one of the campaign’s levels called Tip of the Spear, complete with commentary straight from the developers. I’m going to try and avoid watching this, but if you’re so inclined, I’ve embedded the video below:

If you did watch the video, what did you think? Pretty interesting, or are you trying to keep yourself squeaky clean for the next six days?

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3 thoughts on “Bungie Tempts Us With Halo: Reach Campaign Walkthrough”

  1. I had to resist hitting the play button on this. I’m usually a guy that doesn’t mind spoilers, but for some reason, I’ve really avoided everything for Reach that I can. As a result, this will be the first Halo campaign where I go in knowing next to nothing.

  2. Here is a shoutout for all you who did not watch the video,
    “Time to bake that cake” Have fun trying to figure that one out.
    The video is very cinematic though.

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