Welcome to GamerSushi 2.0

Hello, you beautiful gamers. As you can see, GamerSushi is different. We were hoping to get this done for our 2nd birthday, but hey, we’re close enough, right? It’s kind of like that Monkey Ball game. The one that’s like ski ball, but with monkeys. The point is, we still get points.

For the most part, things are the same, but with a few notable differences: first and foremost, the sliding feature bar, which highlights the most recent features. I dig it. In addition, there’s the new “browse by system” bar, plus we’ve made the podcasts and older features more accessible in the top navigation. You’ll also notice the rotating podcast reviews banner in the top right hand corner, with user reviews on each one. So, review the podcast on iTunes, and you just might get your quote up there, too.

Anyway, I’ll let you see everything else for yourself. Be sure to give muchos props to Jeff and Nick for all the hard work they did over the last two weeks on this. Personally, I think they crushed it, in the best possible way. Feel free to leave your own feedback below!

Update: Apparently the site is having some issues in Internet Explorer 7, and it obscures the log-in box for users, so you haven’t been able to tell us if you’re on that version and having that problem. First of all, why are you using that browser, you crazy person? Second, we’re working on a fix for later tonight. The site seems fine in other browsers, including IE8. So if you are one of the random few affected, just fix your life and upgrade.

Update 2: This is now fixed. You should still upgrade, though.

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22 thoughts on “Welcome to GamerSushi 2.0”

  1. !!!
    I must say, I do like how this has turned out. And I’m also sad to say I just finally listened through all the pod-casts. They almost remind me of Freebeer and Hotwings, though more geeky. But a cool kind of geeky.

  2. Wow, Gamersushi’s gone next gen 🙂 Love the new look guys. I tried to get on earlier and I got told the site was down for maintenance, but I didn’t realise that this was happening. Absolutely awesome.

  3. Holy shit! When the page loaded up I thought I’d hit the wrong link! Really nice job guys. I’ll miss the old design (it’ll always have a place in my heart) but I love this one already.

  4. OHMYGODMYEYES. Everything’s so white now. I like the more professional layout, buuut…it could use more color and less white space. Cool update though.

  5. Glad you guys are liking it. We’ve been excited about getting this up. Like I said, Nick and Jeff worked like dogs.

    Let us know if you guys randomly spot anything not working.

  6. like the new look. very official-ly lookin. If you could of kept a little more red but other than that it oozes sexy.

  7. We fear change….. But I like it. I’ll miss the red borders though, having this at 1650×1080 leaves a little too much white on the edges.

    Regardless, much more professional. Good job boys.

    and thanks for finally making it clear which html tags we can use ?

  8. First I didn’t recognize the site when I first connected, but then I saw the gamer sushi title and was like 0_0. It’s all very cool guys keep it up.

  9. The new look is very professional, but now there is nothing to distinguish it from all the other technology/gadget blogs on the internet.

    The swathes of dark red were part of Gamer Sushi’s brand identity, which has now been destroyed.

    As far as I can see, on FF4b4 nothing is broken.

  10. [quote comment=”13340″]
    The swathes of dark red were part of Gamer Sushi’s brand identity, which has now been destroyed.

    If a brand identity’s only strength is in its color, I’d argue it’s not much of one. I’d like to think our brand identity lies in the community and discussions you guys participate in. Thanks for the comment!

  11. Thanks for the comments on the new site, guys. All props should go to Nick and Jeff who seriously busted their asses to get this thing up. Eddy, Anthony and I just write pretty words, but they’re the guys who keep it going behind the scenes.

  12. I know this is kinda late and maybe an insignificant detail, but what happened to the RSS FEED Subscription for the Podcast?

    Wasn’t there a specific feed for that before?

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