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Well, we’ve finally reached (get it?) September, the month where Bungie will bid adieu to the Halo franchise with the highly anticipated, even by me, Halo: Reach. In honor of this momentous and bittersweet occasion, I thought I would ask you guys which game in the Halo series stands out to you as the best.

I never played Halo: Combat Evolved until 2007, when I finally bought a used Xbox for fifty bucks from a friend. Even years after its release, it was still a blast to play and all the whining about the Library level was way overblown. The backtracking did suck, though. Honestly, I think that one is still my favorite to this day, although I haven’t played ODST yet, but a certain Canadian speaks very highly of it. And the less said about Halo 2’s ending, or lack thereof, the better.

So what do you guys think? What game is your favorite and why? Is there a particular one that you don’t think stands up the high quality of the others? Let your opinions Flood (ha ha) over this post…now!

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9 thoughts on “GamerSushi Poll: Favorite Halo Game”

  1. It’s been almost six years…I think we can let Halo 2’s ending go.

    I almost voted for Combat Evolved, but ODST won out for me in the end. The music, characters and the lack of Flood make it that much better in my eyes.

  2. [quote comment=”13273″]It’s been almost six years…I think we can let Halo 2’s ending go.

    I almost voted for Combat Evolved, but ODST won out for me in the end. The music, characters and the lack of Flood make it that much better in my eyes.[/quote]

    Ending? What ending? I didn’t see an ending?

    Haha, it’s been six years for you. It’s only been 3 for me. Still not ready…

    I knew that initial ODST vote was from you!

  3. First one is the only way to go. Its gameplay was sooo much better than the later ones. Just something about the guns spoke to me while Halo 2 and 3 just destroyed the story with lots of baggage and just were all around not as good. Though Forge was a nice touch.

  4. I almost made CE become 4 votes, but went with 2 instead. This is actually something that Eddy can attest to and probably will understand.

    So before 2004 when Halo 2 came out, all you had was CE on your xbox, the ultimate LAN game. Well some people also got it on PC. Halo CE for the PC is in a close second to Halo 2. As far as why I would choose these two, its simple: Multiplayer. Seriously, before Halo 2 I had hours of endless fun with my cousin on Halo CE for PC. We would get on our phones with headsets and play. It was crazy. It had a better feeling that Halo 2 really. It was Halo 1, what most can attest to, was just good all around. It had maps that never came back, mechanics and weapons that were different than the xbox version, and it was just all around awesome in my opinion. CE for PC made the xbox version look like nothing. PC was where to play Halo CE.

    So why does 2 win? Eddy knows, or should. The countless hours (honestly, I dont know how many it was, it was weeks of my life in play time) of playing Halo 2. It was a religion for my group of friends. Every day after high school going home and playing Halo 2. The late night LANs, the late nights playing on live, just so much playing. Then came every Thursday after school when the group would go over across the street to meet up with Eddy and play LAN for an hour or so. Just unreal fun. We played so much, had so much fun. From blaring 90s music while mopping the floor with kids to owning noobs in the gauss hog, Halo 2 was unbelievable fun that has never been matched again. Good mechanics and a level of fun that hasnt been matched since.

    Im really hoping Reach brings back some of that level of fun. Halo 2 makes me so nostalgic.

  5. Halo 2 for me, simply because as a non-xbox-owner Halo 2 LAN parties are my only experience with the series.

    I could usually hold my own ok. It was normally a group of 8-10 of us playing so we’d set it to first to 100 kills. I was usually near the lead until around 30 or 40 kills, then the top couple of players raced ahead and I got smashed in the last half of the games. I was regularly the first to hit 25 kills, but would then finish on about 40, quite depressing at times… 🙂

  6. Halo Combat Evolved got my vote simply because of its robust gameplay, it nailed the Halo feel (large environments, being alone unless you have a squad of Marines to help you out once in a awhile, and other factors), and best execution. I liked Halo 2’s multiplayer and campaign, but the problem was that Bungie didn’t give themselves enough time to make Halo 2 as good as they wanted. Halo 3 was okay, but the story’s writing was just…lackluster. Forge was very cool, though. I really liked ODST’s story and I wanted to vote for it, but it just couldn’t beat Halo: CE.

    I have a feeling that Reach is going to be my favorite Halo, although Halo CE might keep in a close second.

  7. This one was tough for me. As Sean said, Halo 2 produced some crazy good LAN party times for me. Literally every night my senior year of college and then almost every week the next year after that or so.

    Halo 3 was a great time because of the co-op, with the many different options to enhance its replayability, plus I thought the combat just felt better.

    However, in the end, I chose Halo: CE because there’s something about the feel of it that just nails it, and Reach looks to maybe have that quality back about it. Like Cossack said, I have a feeling that Reach is going to end up as my favorite Halo game.

  8. While the Library hate may have been overblown, that doesn’t stop it from being a completely terrible level. Four floors of completely identical hallways and an almost never-ending supply of Flood made it that way.

    I’d have to say my favorite game was ODST as well. The characters seem so much better than the characters in the rest of the series to me, and it felt like more of a cohesive experience. Plus, no Master Chief, so that certainly adds to it.

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