Kevin Butler’s Epic Move-Tage

I just love the Kevin Butler persona. Our favorite VP of anything and everything has shown up yet again, this time in what he has deemed an epic move-tage that has a lot of the Playstation Move games on display. So far, looking pretty good. Whatever that mech game is, I actually kind of want to play it.

Out of all the motion control pundits out there, Sony seems to understand that the hardcore gamer wants real games. While I’m still not sold on Move completely, it’s the most appealing to me in terms of software, even though the hardware of Microsoft’s Kinect is much more impressive from a technical standpoint. Awesome promos like this certainly help.

What do you guys think? Go!

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7 thoughts on “Kevin Butler’s Epic Move-Tage”

  1. Other than the dumb looking ball on the end,(have 2 already, 3 is too much) I have to give it to them that they definitely know how to do marketing and ads.

  2. [quote comment=”13246″]Because swinging around dildos with ping-pong balls on the end is FUCKING EPIC.[/quote]

    At the end of the day, we’re all holding silly pieces of plastic in our hands.

    And it looks more like a vibrator than a dildo.

    Not that I have expertise on the matter.


  3. I’m gonna have to agree with Anthony. It DOES look more like a standard 4600 Her Pleasure vibrator than a dildo…cough cough.

    BUT on the topic of Kevin Butler…
    The Wii basically raped my mind, in a very bad way. Only Sony can mend my broken dreams.

  4. @ Eddy, I’m pretty sure that “mech game” is actually Time Crisis: Raising Storm (or something).
    Time Crisis is enough to make me get Move considering it comes with 3 games. Here’s hoping FPS’ work well.

  5. Only if my gaming sessions have such an amazing soundtrack. And my pa is as leet as the one in the video. *sigh*

    Otherwise, Kevin Butler just owns video gaming advertising (with the exception of the Halo 3: ODST live-action trailer, of course).

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