Resident Evil 6 Coming ASAP, Says Capcom

Resident Evil 5

BOOM. That sound you just heard was the minds of your 5 favorite gaming nerds here at GamerSushi exploding. 1UP is reporting that Keiji Inafune, the head of global production at Capcom, has stated that they intend to get Resident Evil 6 released “as soon as possible”.

This is no surprise given the commercial and critical success of the previous entry, Resident Evil 5, AKA GamerSushi Game of the Century. The report also states that they will have some news regarding this soon…perhaps at Tokyo Game Show later this month?

Are you excited for a new Resident Evil? What direction do you think they should go? Keep the co-op? Add more players? Get rid of it altogether? Speak now!

Source: 1UP

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5 thoughts on “Resident Evil 6 Coming ASAP, Says Capcom”

  1. The only changes I can suggest are changes that prevented me from buying 5: improve the partner AI (I don’t really like playing online), and make the inventory like a pause menu.

  2. I don’t know if I can stand to hear the word “Resident Evil” on this site one more time. It’s killing me.

  3. @SK Beans

    At this point, we know it rankles so many of you we’re hamming it up even more… MUHAHAHA!

    Anyway, I’m curious what they mean by soon. Japanese developers these days take a notoriously long time to finish games, so hopefully it’s sometime in the next few years. Obviously, I don’t want them rushing it, I just want more of that same co-op goodness.

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