Call of Duty: Black Ops Brings Wager Matches

After eating my words about Call of Duty: World at War — a game I doubted for months on end — I have had an up and down relationship with Call of Duty: Black Ops. You see, occasionally I find myself excited, really enjoying some of the glimpses I get to see. And other times, I wonder if the series is getting close to jumping the shark, so to speak.

However, I might be back on the optimistic side after the brand new footage Treyarch revealed this week, showing off the new wager multiplayer mode that they’ve included in Black Ops. Basically, it’s a game mode where you take the currency you’ve earned in multiplayer matches and gamble it against other players. There are a variety of ways to do this, including single shot rounds, knife gametypes and even one where each kill upgrades your weapon up to a new tier. Really, you need to see it yourself.

Did this excite anyone else? Or just me?

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9 thoughts on “Call of Duty: Black Ops Brings Wager Matches”

  1. Seems interesting, but which part of this can’t I already do in Counter-Strike? Nice to see those kind of things on consoles though, but 0 points for original ideas.

  2. wow the game looks really great! i had doubts about this game when i heard treyarch was developing this game, but the more im seeing, the more im liking!

    is that a gatling gun?

    Go here for more info.

    And now my fickle hypocrisy begins. Look, I’m impressed, and that’s saying something after MW2 broke my virgin heart forever. I’ve done a lot of scavenging for all the info that was released for Black Ops, and it looks like a damn good game. So far my only major gripe is that Second Chance is back in…which is kinda unforgivable, but Treyarch is certainly putting in a lot more effort. Plus, if I don’t like multiplayer, I can go play Commy Zombies (or go to Reach’s Forge mode, so I’m personally covered). Wager Matches look fun, the new customization looks like fun and sweetness, and luckily everything will turn out better than MW2. And by better, I mean “I can stand it longer than 2 minutes.”

    Oh and also, this is NOT COUNTER-STRIKE. You gain CoD-Points to spend on weapons, attachments, killstreaks, equipment, and perks as you level up. You choose your stuff as you level up instead of it being “you get this gun or perk at this level, always”. I think it’ll make things more fun and balanced, especially when you keep prestiging and can level up in different ways.

    So, in short, I’m going to buy Black Ops, and sell MW2 and some other crappy games I have lying around.

  4. Allow me to parody you Eddy, ahem!:
    After eating my words about Call of Duty: World at War — a game I thought would surpass CoD4 even in multiplayer — I have had an up and down relationship with Call of Duty: Black Ops. But recently it’s been purely on the up. The multiplayer looks incredible and the single player sounds great.
    Do this right Treyarch and I’ll pretend W@W never happened. Just a disc containing a fun horde mode.

  5. The 1 in the chamber mode is an idea I’ve wanted to see in a game for as long as I can remember. That would make for some incredibly tense action.

    This looks great, but I’m not really interested in huge multiplayer.. it would be GREAT at a LAN party though.

  6. I am getting more and more excited for this game, and less and less excited for Medal Of Honor. These new game modes sound really fun and cool!

  7. I’ve never bought a COD game yet, but I think this has just sold me.

    Assuming the option is available for server mods to easily ditch the inevitable 12-year-olds, I foresee this mode alone will keep me playing for years.

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