Vanquish Features SDTV Mode To Enlarge Text

For once it appears that a Japanese developer is ahead of the curve with regards to visual options in a game. Platinum Games’ new release — Vanquish, the sci-fi shooter starring a guy in a killer battle suit — will feature an SDTV mode that makes the text slightly crisper and more readable on those ancient SDTVs. You know, the ones that about half of all people in the U.S. still have.

Personally, this issue is moot for me ever since I upgraded to an HDTV earlier this year, but I am glad to see a company go out of their way to think of the little guy who perhaps can’t afford one yet. Times are tough and whenever I hear about a game that is almost unplayable due to tiny text (Dead Rising, I’m looking at you), I get pretty irritated. But only in an abstract kind of way.

Do you think more games should do something like this or should everyone just upgrade to an HDTV and leave the past behind? How many of you have an HDTV versus an SDTV?

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2 thoughts on “Vanquish Features SDTV Mode To Enlarge Text”

  1. Just change the resolu….. Oh wait, sorry…

    Lol, yeah I think this is a really good Idea. We haven’t upgraded to HDTV in our household yet, but it’s coming soon!

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