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Mass Effect 2

I’ve made no secret of my favorite titles of this great gaming year of 2010 so far. Red Dead Redemption, Limbo and Mass Effect 2 are all currently gunning for “game of the year” status in my eyes, with an especially close race between those first two. We’ve said it a million times around here – Mass Effect 2 is spectacular and simply must be experienced for its storytelling, choices and Bioware’s original universe.

Naturally, there are several gamers out there gunning hard for Mass Effect 3, and already giving thought to certain qualities the title should possess. In fact, GamesRadar has put together a list of what they want to see in Mass Effect 3. Without spoiling too much, I think it’s a really great list of things that would be awesome for the next edition, particularly the idea of the “Dark Shepard” clone, gunning around the galaxy and ruining your good (or bad) name. This could easily work, seeing as how we know that Cerberus has Shepard’s DNA. I also like the idea of making Shepard’s backstory a more central part of at least one major sidequest.

For me, I would love to see bigger parties but also a few momentous and game altering choices in more moments than just the big ending mission. Something that Dragon Age: Origins nailed was a few “holy crap” moments sprinkled throughout the game, rather than bunching them up at the end the way Mass Effect 2 did.

Anyway, what do you guys think? What are some things you’d really like to see in the next Mass Effect game?

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8 thoughts on “The Mass Effect 3 Wish List”

  1. I disagreed with a lot in that list. A Shepard clone to me would be stupid, since no where in the ME universe has there been cloning, and I don’t want there to be. I agree with the SDTV thing. Tali does not need to be ugly at all, just not Miranda looking. I would like to see Shepard’s back story fleshed out. I don’t think everyone needs to die like they said. Thane for sure has to though, considering he already has a fatal disease, I could see him going out in a glorious fashion that would be amazing. Grunt needs to die too, along with maybe Garrus. Sacrifices have to be made, and I would like to see allies with days that are numbered, but not everyone.

  2. I would like to see Commander Shepard viewed as an outlaw by the rest of the Galaxy even though he has to race around saving it. Have him blaze away against peeps who trying to stop him in the name of galactic survival.
    Tali doesn’t have to be ugly, or even plain-jane, but not angelic either.

    And yes… there does need to be more hero-death and grenade jumping.

    Also, lets have the rest of the team do something while Shepard and his two mates run about blowing sh!t up! I mean, what are they all doing when he is out there saving the day? Other ‘ship-board duties’?

  3. I think Shepard’s body was rebuilt and enhanced rather than a straight up clone. Could be wrong though…

    As for the list, they have some good points, particularly Shepard’s back story and the sacrifices. An anti-Shepard could be a good idea, depends how its done. I could see The Illusive Man having built a extra Shepard – just in case. Besides, if you’ve already spent 4 billion credits on reviving a dead hero, plus god-knows-how-much and a rebuilt Normandy, why not hedge your bets just in case something goes wrong. I don’t think Tali’s face should be seen at all, for the sole reason that Bioware won’t be able to please everyone, but one way or the other watch the message boards around the world light up.

    A couple of other suggestions for things I’d like to see. As I said after the last podcast, I’d to see a few more choices where you don’t know if your doing the right thing. Paragon and renegade were far too clear cut in the previous games. I’d also like to see Zaeed and Kasumi more fleshed out as characters. Once you finished their loyalty missions, there wasn’t a lot to them, a few comments here and there. I understand they were DLC, but hopefully they will still be present in ME3 as full squadmates, as real and intriguing as any of the others.

    I really wish you hadn’t posted this Eddy. I’m really looking forward to this game, and you just had to start me buzzing 🙂

  4. My Mass Effect 3 wish list:

    1) It comes out.

    No, but for real. That SD TV solution is essential. I played on an SD TV for a little while before I moved out of my…parent’s house, and it was painful. The graphics still look amazing, but the text is way to small. It’s the “Dead Rising Issue”.

    Clone Shepard could be cool…In Star Wars evil clone naming convention, he would be called Shepaard (like Luuke or Joruus C’boath).

    The one thing I want more than anything else…to be able to take off your helmet in-between firefights!

  5. [quote comment=”13167″]No cloning in the ME universe? Am I misremembering the beginning of ME2?[/quote]
    Actually he was not cloned at the beginning, if anything he’s kind of a cyborg. For a more detailed description of what they did in the Lazarus Project check out here: But if they had cloned him in ME2, I would be much more accepting if they did it in ME3.

  6. That list was okay, not keen on the whole crew members must die.
    My list:
    1) More customization for weapons, armor and ship. Meaning paint jobs/camouflage patterns and logos that can be applied to armor,weapons and the ship.
    2) The ability to take off your helmet and swap armor components without having to all the way back to the ship, or some way for your helmet to collapse on it self so you can see your characters face during cut scenes and dialogue parts.
    3) Missions related to your party characters profession/ability that have some thing to do with the over all mission. IE you have an assassin on your team this means you can use this assassin to assassinate a leader of your opposition thus making some later missions easier.
    4)Traveling between settlements on a planet via air car or hammerhead.

  7. I would like to make gut wrenching choices of who on my crew should survive. That was one of the best parts of the first game. I also think you’ll spend time in the third gathering allies, much like DA:O, seeing s the council doesnt believe you, and that could make your decisions about the Rachni and the Genophage Cure that much more important

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