GamerSushi Asks: What Are You Playing?

Tomb Raider Guardian of LightIt’s been a few weeks since we’ve asked you all how your gaming minutes are being spent, so I thought we were about due for another helping of “What Are You Playing?”

For me, I’m trying to get through a little bit of the dreaded gaming backlog and all of its horrors, but I keep getting interrupted by Lara Croft and the Guardian of Light, which I am completely in love with at the moment. If you’re unaware, it just released on Xbox Live Arcade last week, and is due out on the PC and PS3 next month.

I’ve never been a fan of the Tomb Raider series, but what they’ve done in this game is turn it into more of a top-down co-op Diablo style game, complete with puzzles, platforms and loot. It’s almost like Diablo meets Resident Evil 5, if that makes any sense at all. While the game doesn’t have online co-op at the moment, it will when it hits other systems in September. I’ve been playing the co-op locally with my brother, and we’re having a blast solving puzzles and doing the platforming. I can honestly say it’s already one of my favorite co-op experiences of this gen. If that’s not a glowing recommendation, I don’t know what is.

In addition, I recently completed Alpha Protocol, am moving to 3D Dot Game Heroes next, and hope to tackle Crackdown 2 before Halo: Reach drops on September 14th. Whew. Anyway, now it’s your turn. What are you playing? Go!

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13 thoughts on “GamerSushi Asks: What Are You Playing?”

  1. Picked up Dragon Quest IX a few days and its pretty much taking up all my spare time. I’m having a great time with it. When I’m not on that I’m trying to get through the Metroid Prime games for the first time, before Other M comes out. They are much bigger than I thought. Other M may have to wait a little while.

  2. Picked up Fallout 3: GotY at long last. For a friggin’ tenner. £10 for £40 worth of DLC. That’s an absolute bargain. So I’ve restarted due to long lost save files. I also started to continue RDR’s single player again so I can mop up side quests and the odd trophy here and there. My friends and I are still fitting in our daily BFBC2 fix before we return to school, so I’ll use the inevitable “can’t come on BFBC, studying” to quickly finish Dragon Age and FFXIII.

  3. Just set up my linux box so that I can run Source based games, so I am now kicking ass in TF2 and Alien Swarm. Too bad I missed the free cake of portal.

  4. It’s been a while since I’ve played a new game, a combination of lack of interest in new games (although thanks for reminding me about DQIX, supernova) and not having the money. I just beat Okami again, and figured out why I loved it so much, and I’m in the middle of my third Fallout 3 character.

    I have had my eye on LC:GoL, but I think I’ll wait for PS3.

  5. I PIRATED HALO REACH!!! No, just kidding.

    I actually haven’t been playing so much recently, but I have played some RDR and Halo 3 once in a while recently.
    Basically I’m just waiting for Reach.

  6. I’m not playing much right now, unfortunately. I’m done with RDR, and Halo is in half a month. I’m dabbling in Bad Company 2 on the PC and that Star Wars mod for Sins of Solar Empire I posted last week.

    That mod is wicked, by the way. I’m playing co-op with a friend, and, since the games take like 4 hours to beat, we just play an hour a night and save. We’re using the Empire and having a fleet of Star Destroyers under your command is really amazing. I can’t believe that LucasArts never capitalized on that…well, I can believe it. The space stations are modded to look like Super Star Destroyers, and we deployed one each in the Star’s gravity well, so we pretty much hold the most important choke-point on the map. Good times.

  7. I recently built a new computer (it’s huge and it glows blue and I love it so much) but my internet is crap so I’ve been just downloading my steam games one by one while playing some Doom 2, Unreal Tournament 3, and learning that I don’t actually like Hitman very much.

  8. I picked up Mafia 2, and I was hoping to finish Mafia 1 again before starting 2… but I couldn’t wait. Also almost finished Singularity. STEAM had a S.T.A.L.K.E.R Shadow of Chernobyl AND the new Call of Pripyat for 9.99, so of course I sniped those. I already own the first game and played it years ago, can’t wait to get into the 3rd installment.

  9. I’ve been revisiting a bunch of older games. Just got through with the Jedi Knight series, and I’ll probably finish Doom 3 tonight too. I’ve also been playing More of the older, classic titles, like Sonic and Toe Jam&Earl (On the Sega Genesis that we got on the week of release. Don’t ask how it still works)

  10. Starcraft 2. Playing with my friends so we can catch up in terms of skill level against all the other guys out there….

    And the occasioanal TF2. If it weren’t for Starcraft, i would probably start doing some PUGs and get competetive.

  11. I finally got enough late passes to download Alien Swarm, but I’m not playing it for some reason. All I really play anymore is Strong Bad’s Cool Game For Attractive People. Oblivion is being mean to me because of some mischievous mod I put in.

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