Game Music Face Off!!! Super Metroid vs. Earthworm Jim

16 Bit era music is still my favorite, so I thought two side-scrolling games pitted against each other might be a fun change. Also, Metroid: Other M is coming out this month on the 31st, so I wanted to do something to commemorate it.

Super Metroid’s Lower Norfair is a deeply atmospheric song, a slow burn, with a ticking noise in that plays throughout, heightening the tension as you descend deeper and deeper to the labyrinth of Norfair.

New Junk City, from Earthworm Jim is one of those tracks I love that slowly builds layer upon layer of new instruments, all the while getting catchier and catchier. The funky riff is perfect for a level called New Junk City and I love the bass solo that comes later.

So which one wins this week, kids?

Super Metroid – Lower Norfair

Earthworm Jim – New Junk City

Which song do you prefer?

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