Fallout: New Vegas Will Not Allow Post-Ending Play

In what some may consider to be a surprise, especially considering the bad taste this same feature left in gamer’s mouths when Fallout 3 was released, Fallout: New Vegas will end when you beat the game. That’s right, you don’t get to keep playing and complete all those side-quests you left unfinished.

Game director Josh Sawyer of Obsidian explained to 1UP the situation, confirming earlier reports:

“We put a lot of effort into the ending slides — we know those slides are really popular with people so we want to make sure there’s a huge amount of variety and reactivity with that stuff. We weren’t really focused on new features so much as to add a really rich sense of reactivity to the players and the choices they make.”

It does seem that you will get a warning before you pass the point of no return and you can always do what we did in the old days, which was reload your final save and keep playing that way. Some might speculate that this will be changed during the inevitable DLC onslaught, but from the article, it doesn’t sound like there are any plans to add such a feature.

On an unrelated note, I had no idea the ending slides were “really popular” with anyone. They were okay, but didn’t exactly rock my world.

Does this affect your outlook on the game? Would anyone not buy this game now?

Source: 1UP

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20 thoughts on “Fallout: New Vegas Will Not Allow Post-Ending Play”

  1. @ SK Beans: HERETIC!!!

    I don’t mind. I get why people didn’t like FO3’s ending and the issue with NV’s ending, but it’s not so difficult to just save and reload.

    People getting pissed off at this is like people getting pissed off at teaser trailers. I get that people want to see some gameplay – so just wait, moron. They want to show that the game is being made before going in-depth. It’s all just impatience.

  2. I can forgive them only if the ending is so good that I cry blood. I was wondering what exactly constitutes a ending slide?

  3. Eh, not that big deal. In FO3 I must have left the brotherhood of steel waiting to assault project purity for 50 hours of gameplay before broken steel came out.

    Or you could mod it to allow after ending play if you are on the PC.

    Or just wait for the expansion.

  4. People liked them that much? News to me.
    At least we get a warning this time (although I was prepared last time just in case so it doesn’t really matter).
    This doesn’t put me off the game but if they’re ignoring one of the biggest complaints from the first game what else will they do wrong?
    C’mon Obsidian, get your shit together!

  5. Not sure why people are up in arms about this when Fallout 3 did the same thing.

    It wasn’t until Broken Steel came out that you could play after the game ended, and even then you had to have BS installed BEFORE you beat the game.

    And apparently they’re going to give you a warning before you start the final quest, so this shouldn’t be a problem…right?

  6. @ Cossack
    It’s not just that, I loved Fallout 3 despite a few small things, but this is made by Obsidian who have a great track record of ruining franchises, and now after Alpha Protocol, a track record of ruining their own. The graphics also are the same as Fallout 3’s (2 years ago) and it seems there are hardly any new gameplay features. Nope, I rather give my money to something else.

  7. I thought people liked Obsidian’s work on Knights of the Old Republic 2? Except, of course, for the fact that they were forced to ship the game early and it didn’t really have an ending as a result.

    And I think Neverwinter Nights 2 was received pretty favorably as well. Besides, it wasn’t like the first Neverwinter was the best game in the world to begin with, especially compared to the Baldur’s Gate games.

    That’s pretty much their track record, actually. Their name comes up all the time, but they really haven’t done very many games. And seeing as how KOTOR 2 and NW 2 have Metacritic (sorry, I don’t have the time to look at every review) scores of 82 and 85, I don’t see how that qualifies as “ruining” a franchise.

    Besides, they’re pretty much taking the Fallout 3 engine, dropping it in a new setting with new quests. I, for one, am perfectly happy paying $60 for another 70+ hours of new Fallout 3 content even if they don’t add a single gameplay feature.

    It sounds like the things they did right in Alpha Protocol (character interaction and long term, dynamic consequences to your actions) are the things they’re bringing to New Vegas. The big complaint with AP was the actual gameplay and Bethesda has already eliminated that problem

  8. Popular ending slides? The first time I beat the game, one of the slides showed that stupid dog side-kick following my character, yet I didn’t even know about the companion feature until the 2nd play through lol.

    This doesn’t bug me, I’ll do what I always do with fun games and load the last save. Doesn’t change anything.

  9. @Zayven they ruined it (in my mind and the mind of many others) by hitting so low under the bar that Bioware had set before them. And you might, but I don’t want to play $60 for an expansion with pretty much zero new features whatsoever, at least gameplay wise. A few things new here, a few there, but nothing special.

  10. Which game did they ruin for you? KOTOR or Neverwinter?

    Why was it so horrible? Was it the bugs? Or were they simply just not as memorable as the original? I didn’t play either game, I’m just going on what I’ve read and heard about them.

    And, not to sound like Obsidian’s unofficial spokesman, but New Vegas does have a fair amount of new wrinkles. The skill system is streamlined, there’s a lot of new gear, new secondary attack options, and don’t forget “hardcore” mode (which sounds way too intense for my tastes, but it’s a great idea). Besides, the game isn’t supposed to be a true sequel. If you enjoyed Fallout 3, I can’t see how you wouldn’t want to at least give it a try.

    Then again, I’m a biased Fallout 3 addict, so anything I think about the game should probably be taken with a grain of salt.

    On another note, I would also like to know who these slides were “really popular” with because I never heard anyone ever mention thoughts about them one way or another.

  11. I think the devs are doing this to get the game a little less sandbox and more linear. If there is a FO4, they prolly just wanna make sure that you followed one of their set paths, i.e.– endings. Smart move…if they’re making another one. :/

  12. @Zayven Ask any fan of KOTOR and they’ll definitely tell you the disapointment they had of KOTOR 2. Also forgot to mention that previews from IGN state that the game has some pretty bad framerate issues sometimes and people are up in arms about the no post ending play because with sequels you are supposed to learn from your mistakes, not repeat them. Also I don’t know anyone who is a fan of slides for endings.

  13. I don’t know by love the ending slides… if anything the ending narration is more interesting than the pictures. But I love it when you can still play through the game after you beat it. It allows you to go through with your supped up character and cause all the chaos you were careful not to cause because you didn’t want to ruin the experience of your first play through.

  14. [quote comment=”12974″]I liked KoToR II, it just had no ending.

    But so did Halo 2.


    Eventually you might have burns that aren’t from 2005.



  15. Oh, I hadn’t heard about framerate issues. That could be a dealbreaker. If that’s the case, I’ll probably be quick to jump on the anti-Obsidian bandwagon.

    If they can’t fix that problem (which should be as easy as calling Bethesda and saying, “Hey, how’d you optimize the framerate on this engine?”), then they’ve got serious issues.

    I probably won’t be getting it until a month or two after it comes out anyway, so I guess I’ll have plenty of time to see how the reviews pan out.

    Any news on DLC? Doesn’t sound like it’s in the works based on the dev’s comments.

  16. This doesn’t really surprise me. Bethesda seems to spit in the face of their fans when they complain (see M’aiq the Liar from Oblivion, who would say things like “Some people wish to throw their weapons; that seems foolish to M’aiq! If you hold your weapon, you only need one” in response to people who complained about a lack of throwing darts or daggers in the game, or “So much easier to get around these days! Not like the old days. Too much walking. Of course, nothing stops M’aiq from walking when he wants” in response to people getting upset over the quick travel feature.)

    I can’t really say that I give a damn about playing past the end of the game though. Reloading a save is essentially the exact same thing as being able to play past the end of the game unless you get some awesome items that you can’t get anywhere else or something. Even if Bethesda did pull a real dick move, though, I wouldn’t really be able to join any fanboy boycott riots that start, since I preordered the game months ago. Whatever they put in the game, I’ve already paid for it.

  17. @Zayven the DLC thing will most likely be a wait and see kinda deal. They get good sales, I’m sure they’ll probably make DLC.

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