Say Hello to Portal 2 GamesCom 2010 Footage

For some reason, GamesCom this week seems to be coming out with all kinds of information that E3 2010 didn’t have, like the fact that Portal 2 releases as soon as February 2011 to much joyous applause and excitement. It’s nice that it’ll be arriving early in the year, and I honestly can’t wait to get my hands on it, especially if some of the new stuff I’m seeing is any indication to the game’s quality.

We’ve seen a few pieces of Portal 2 so far through a variety of videos, but a new Portal 2 GamesCom video shows alot of the new elements working together, with a few new bits as well. If I’m being honest, I felt like the addition of things like a propulsion and repulsion gel, along with tractor beams, could potentially over-complicate what I feel to be a near perfect experience. However, seeing them all work in tandem shows off a crazy amount of possibilities for gameplay.

So, give it a watch. Like I said, some old stuff is in this video, but it does showcase a few new things as well. Who else can’t wait for February 2011?

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6 thoughts on “Say Hello to Portal 2 GamesCom 2010 Footage”

  1. Man I loved portal, and when I heard about portal 2 I didn’t know what they could do to make it better. But man. Looking at some of these new puzzles just amazes me how much variety Valve can make into Portal 2. I loved it when I saw the turrets bounce around because of the blue gel.

    Also, that energy bridge thing at the end looks fun.

  2. I share the same concerns Eddy. I feel the first game was really close to perfect, and I’m a little bit nervous for this game. Still, that doesn’t cancel out my excitement.

    Can’t wait.

  3. Give me give me give me. I wonder how they will advance on the old game. Perhaps you got kidnapped or you play as a different character.

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