Crysis 2 Multiplayer Up on the Rooftop

Crysis had a pretty decent multplayer offering in its original inception, the gameplay laying somewhere between the open battlegrounds of the Battlefield series and the weapon purchasing mechanic of Counter-Strike. Add in the game-altering use of the nanosuits and you had an interesting versus mode that was open only to those with a hefty PC gaming rig. Now that Crysis 2 is hitting the X-Box 360 and the PS3 in addition to the PC, the game’s unique style of combat is going to be availible to a lot more people. Take a look at Crysis 2 in action:

The on-stage demo is featuring the 360 version, but I’ll admit that I thought the feed was running on the PC for a few moments. The game looks really good, and I’m excited to check it out when it drops in March 2011. What about you guys? Are you ready for Maximum Gameplay?

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5 thoughts on “Crysis 2 Multiplayer Up on the Rooftop”

  1. Looks alright, But was it just me or did he play that on low-end graphics. the purpose of showing it on a big screen is to have it looking it’s best.

  2. I have a mate who’s actually employed by Crytek. He’d be doing some of the mapping. This looks quite good, but it seems to still hold some of the old game in it which was it always felt the physics were too dynamic and static for my liking. I’d love to see the finished product before I make any final decisions.

  3. @Julez

    I thought the exact same thing when he missed the knife kill at the beginning of the round and had to spend more than two seconds lining up the snipe. Sometimes, auto-aim on console games help.

    PC bias, lol.

  4. Argh, why can’t I use a mouse and keyboard on console games?
    That said that had as much to do with his skill in using the controller as anything else.

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