Today’s WTF: Gun Loco Trailer

Square Enix has announced a new X-Box 360 exclusive today called Gun Loco, and the trailer is perhaps one of the strangest things I’ve ever seen. The gameplay looks normal enough, all run and gun action with sliding, weaving and plenty of chest-high objects, but the art style is very, very odd. If you’re old enough to remember Virtua Fighter, you may find the characters in the video to have a similar look with their angular features and blocky body shapes. No word on whether this is a retail title or a LIVE Arcade release, but based on the rough look of the game, I’d guess the latter. Give the trailer a watch:

This is all the info I’ve seen about Gun Loco so far, other than the little tidbit that the character designs were done by respected toy maker Kenny Wong. The game will have both single and multiplayer components when it is released. What do you guys think of the trailer. Did you find it as weird as I did?

Update: It looks like this game is going to a be a full disc-based product after all. Hopefully the art gets a few more passes for polish before the release date.

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7 thoughts on “Today’s WTF: Gun Loco Trailer”

  1. Looks…. um interesting.
    as for the game I rather be waiting for bulletstorm or BRINK that you guys showed awhile ago. especially interested for Brink cause I like the idea of objective based gameplay that retains a cinematic feel. Plus the movement technology is pretty awesome, if it works well.

  2. Looks like a cross between Gears of War and Brink.

    As far as the art style, it looks fuggin ghey. And I mean that.

  3. Yeah, that game does not look good at all, and seems to be trying to directly compete with Brink in what it does.

    Anyway, the game is a disc based title, probably full price too, not XBLA.

  4. Yeah, I originally didn’t know whether this was going to be XBLA or disc based, but like I said in the post, it looks so rough that I hoped it was XBLA.

    I’ll update accordingly.

    This is also going to be full price because it’s a Microsoft game. So, no thanks. I’ve seen better art in a ’60’s children’s cartoon.

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