Quantic Dream Surprised, and also Encouraged, by Heavy Rain’s Success

HEAVYRAINGamesCom is happening this week in Germany, which is yet another awesome convention that we didn’t get to go to. I hear that flights to Europe are pretty expensive, however, so maybe that’s for the best. At any rate, we can expect to see a lot more delicious info about up coming games in addition to all the usual interesting interviews and quotes that come out of these big events.

Take this talk given by Quantic Dream’s David Cage for example. If you’re unfamiliar with the studio, they recently put out Heavy Rain, a different sort of animal by video game standards. Sony put a lot of money behind the game, but even the studio was expecting a flop. Heavy Rain was received rather well, and had pretty good sales number to boot, so David Cage has decreed that gamers are ready for “new paradigms”.

What he means by that is for the last 25-odd years, all we’ve been doing is killing, racing, and hopping on platforms. He feels that violent games are very narrow in their emotional scope, and games like Heavy Rain have a broader impact. He goes on to add this little snippet:

“Games should be art and not toys, if you are uncomfortable with the word ‘art’, then ‘entertainment’ is fine. Toys are disposable, art is poignant,”

Very interesting perspective from David Cage, to say the least. While I think games can function as both a toy and as an art form, I know this is also one of these divisive things that people love to talk about. What do you think or Cage’s statement? Was Heavy Rain a one-off, or will we see similar games in the future?

Source: VG247.com

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2 thoughts on “Quantic Dream Surprised, and also Encouraged, by Heavy Rain’s Success”

  1. I agree with you, games can function as both and I’m sure there will be more games like Heavy Rain. And you only need to watch Toy Story to know that toys are NOT disposable. How heartless was he to say such a thing? lol

  2. It’s not a one off, it’s a 2 off. Fahrenheit / Indigo Prophecy was a fantastic game that I still play through maybe once a year. I was really hoping Heavy Rain would get a PC release so I could give it a go.

    He makes a fantastic point. Some games are more art than others. Just like music XD.

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