GamerSushi Asks: What’s Your Video Game Dream Job?

As more and more colleges offer courses in designing video games, it occurs to me that I likely don’t have the proper skill set for such an endeavor. I’m not great with math, not artistic and my skills with computers is somewhere between George Jetson and Jar Jar Binks. Plus, from the horror stories I hear about the long hours and stressful deadlines, it just doesn’t sound like my cup of tea.

But still, the idea of making games and having a say in what makes a game great is somewhat appealing, so I wanted to ask you guys what position would you like in a video game company? Myself, obviously, writing the script or scenario for a game would be ideal. I know others would like to create the graphics or gameplay or perhaps even something as specific as enemy design.

So what’s your video game dream job? Engage!

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  1. If I were to work in the gaming industry, I would work for a company like valve. This is mostly for their reputation and their lack of “long hours and stressful deadlines”. I would probably want to code because I’m not too good at the artsy stuff, but I know my way around java. Then again… java doesn’t help for most games.

  2. Not particularly sure yet, but I’m definitely getting into game design. Taking some classes for it this year and I hope to get my master’s at the Guildhall at SMU in Dallas. It’s hard work, and crunch time will be hard, but it’s something I have an extreme passion for.

  3. I am actually going to be submitting a transfer application to DigiPen Institute of Technology at the end of the month, I am going for a degree in animation. however once I have settled into a job I hope to branch out into other positions (script writing or game design/story supervisor would be nice). I ultimately want to get to a position where I can give form to the many stories/ideas I have. In other words a place where I can experiment and push the boundaries of the medium.

  4. I’ve always wanted to be a writer on a video game studio, preferably one that makes epic RPGs. I actually applied to Bioware several years back, but never got to the interview stage, sadly.

  5. Wow tough luck Eddy. I’d love to have seen a Leet World inspired RPG. Recruiting The Domination Guy as a character would be awesome.
    I’ve always wanted to be a game designer since I found there was actually such a job. My uncle advised me to get into programming as any game company or IT company needs them so I’ll at least be flexible. Sadly he has told many a horror story about overtime and fears about how secure his job was after Dead Space Extraction.
    Another huge problem is that there are no studios in Ireland anymore. The closest thing we have is a call centre EA opened. Yeah.

  6. Well this isn’t as much a dream as it is my actual career plan. I’m going to be a Writer and Lead Game Designer, since I like envisioning a project and coordinating people. Plus, I have some awesome game ideas and stories, and hopefully I can improve the game industry’s track record of story writing when my games come to fruition.

    I have a feeling that there is going to be a lot of competition for Writer and Game Designer positions since you don’t need to be as a math or technical savvy, so it might come to be that game companies prefer ideas that are safer or simpler. Ne’ertheless, I’m excited to see the current generation of gamers become the next generation of developers.

  7. I think it’d be a nice challenge to work as a writer for a game studio, preferably Bethesda for the large amounts of room for stories. I’d also love to try and score a game, using synthesizers, guitars, etc. instead of traditional stuff like orchestras. Well, maybe some orchestration.

  8. I’d prefer to be the lead story writer, but I’d also be interested in helping with designing and creating the levels too. I have a little bit of experience with creating source maps and I loved that.

  9. Man, I’d take anything at a video game company (except for test, because most of them are laid off at the end of a project).

    I’d probably like to do something on a writing team, maybe for BioWare or Blizzard, but it seems like half the comments in this thread are for that sort of position.

    Maybe community manager?

  10. I’m currently studying computer art and animation with the goal of working in the games industry, and man does it sound like a fun (but tough) place to work. I love the idea that potentially thousands maybe millions of people can see and like the artwork produced in a video game.

  11. Voice acting. I’ve been told a lot that I should do it, and honestly, I want to try and pursue that career if I can. Right now though, finishing college is more where I am headed. I would love to do voice acting for animation or videogames. I really think I would be good at it.

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