Game Music Face Off!!! Halo 3 vs. Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2

Time for some more juicy gaming music goodness. This week, we have the two biggest FPS franchises in the world, squaring off.

Less than an hour ago, I finally finished the fight and completed Halo 3. During my many runs of the final level, I came to know this song rather well, as it plays during the mad dash you make at the end. Through many retries, I finally managed to best it, but it wasn’t so bad because the music was kind of kick ass. An epic song that honestly was the part I liked most about that last level.

On the other hand, Modern Warfare 2, for all its heights and lows, has some pretty good music, too. Whenever this song plays before an online match, it gets me pretty pumped up. Crunchy metal guitars mixed with orchestral music? Count me in!

So which do you prefer out of these two songs?

Halo 3 – Greatest Journey

Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 – Going Loud

Which song do you prefer?

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10 thoughts on “Game Music Face Off!!! Halo 3 vs. Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2”

  1. Definitely Halo, anything Marty O’Donnell composes I’m all over. Although Hans Zimmer is great too, I think he has done better elsewhere.

  2. Halo for sure. Except for some odd parts of the Halo 2 soundtrack, the entire musical history of the series has been gold.

    Zimmer is good, but the work on MW2 wasn’t entirely his. For a really good soundtrack by Zimmer, check out Inception.

  3. The Greatest Journey only just gets my vote. I think if you had chosen a different song from MW2 I would have gone for it (MW2’s credits maybe?).
    I loved MW2’s score. I’ll need to pick up the soundtrack for it.
    Just out of curiosity: Is it me or do the ending themes of MW2 and Batman Begins sound VERY similar? I know Hans Zimmer composed both of them so there’ll clearly be his own touch added to the compositions but by god if I wasn’t surprised at hearing theier endings.

  4. I’m in love with Hans Zimmer. The music of MW2 was outstanding. Even better was his score of Inception. Damn I even had the soundtrack to that movie the day after I watched the movie.

  5. The Greatest Journey is more of an epic, while Going Loud just seems like the generic ‘its time to get serious’ music. To me, at least.

  6. I voted for the halo 3 song just because it is more memorable than the other one. I liked the MW2 song as well especially the guitars added in, but it did not bring up emotions and good feelings like the other one did.
    Also Hans Zimmer had done better I think…
    I just like the grittiness of this song, that the other one does not capture as well.

    basically, I agree with glebe

  7. I voted for Halo 3. The MW2 piece is just your average Zimmerfest without much emotion. The theme at the beginning of Greatest Journey is rather poignant.

  8. I voted MW2 b/c
    1) it was really intense and cool sounding
    2) the halo music has gotten somewhat old to me cuz they play it soooo much…but it’s still great

    *also i reeeeaaalllyyy think some Half-life 2 soundtracks need to matchup against something. They are really spectacular…i especially like what plays during the fight w/ the antlions in Episode Two

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