Time Crisis Starring Spartacus

Freddie Wong is kind of my personal hero right now. Over the past few weeks, he’s made some awesome shorts dedicated to all-out gunfights; most of them poking fun at video games, such as his “Aimbot” piece. His new weekly offering takes us back to the arcade days of our youth, where Time Crisis gobbled up quarters faster than a broken vending machine. It also doesn’t hurt that Andy Whitfield, Spartacus himself, has taken up the second gun. Take a look:

Kind of awesome in my opinion. Also, Spartacus is kind of a recent obsession for my friends and I, so seeing Mr. Whitfield was pretty cool. What did you guys think of the video?

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5 thoughts on “Time Crisis Starring Spartacus”

  1. Nice I was not expecting this from you guys. I saw this and their other vids and have been currently obsessed with starting up with some indie film making and special fx. I don’t know if you guys saw corridor digital who did the modern warfare fan films, but they did a really good movie called greenside. Better than every scifi channel b movie made.

  2. I hope the Time Crisis game released in Japan for move comes out here. I <3 Time Crisis. So much money invested into arcades.

  3. I’m not a huge fan of derivative content like this, but Freddie Wong’s stuff is pretty good for the most part. I’m curious what they’re leading up to with all of these shooter videos. I’d like to see them try and make an original film or something, so hopefully they’re working up to that.

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