Game Music Face Off!!! Contra vs. Gears of War

Two games that focus on shooting alien scum. Two great pieces of music. What more could you ask for?

Contra, a game I have played numerous times, is a classic run-and-gun shooter that is only for the hardest of the hardcore. Precision and memorization are key in this game and this song kicks the game with an intensity that few games can match.

Gears of War is a 3rd-person, cover-based shooter that draws you in with firefights that never exactly play out the same way and a brutality that can make an unwary onlooker gag. Not sure where this song plays during the game, but it is memorable, that
s for certain.

So which you do you prefer?

Contra – Stage 1

Gears of War – Locust Infestation

Which song do you prefer?

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14 thoughts on “Game Music Face Off!!! Contra vs. Gears of War”

  1. Why Locust Infestation!? That’s literally the worst track in GoW! Ugh, so many better choices… Heroic Assault, the Main Theme, and so on. Bad Gamersushi, BAD!

  2. [quote comment=”12479″]Why Locust Infestation!? That’s literally the worst track in GoW! Ugh, so many better choices… Heroic Assault, the Main Theme, and so on. Bad Gamersushi, BAD![/quote]

    Because I liked it,lol. I didn’t say it was the best track in the game, just that it was a good song.

    If you’re good, I will pick one of those in a future post!

  3. The Contra Music gets me more pumped. My vote goes to Contra.

    Hey Anthony, if you play Gears of War 2, you’ll enjoy the story co-op/music from the story, and you’ll enjoy Horde mode. The other multiplayer matches can be fun, depending on what you’re willing to put up with, but on a general level, my advice is to experience multiplayer for a bit, and leave it alone after. I’d think that multiplayer for GoW3 will fix the issues/add on to GoW2 and give it that same edge that made it so great in GoW1.

  4. Oh yeah, Anthony, check out the Chrono Trigger post you made. Left some other great battle theme songs/world map songs on there for you to check out.

  5. rofl “If you’re good.” Will do, Anthony.
    And just to remind you guys, HALO. Get some Halo ODST music in here plox. I recommend “Rain” (which is in “Deference for Darkness”) and “Skyline”. I mean seriously, every track is great. ONI and Data Hive are kinda boring, but everything else is fantastic.

  6. See, I brought up ODST on the first podcast, and I got laughed at. Good to see there’s one other person who thinks that soundtrack is fantastic.

  7. I voted Contra to tie the game 10-10. THE DRAMA THICKENS. Have we done any MGS songs? How about Tenchu? Or songs from GTA I XD

  8. Gotta go with Contra, lots of good memories with that one. Only memories I have with Gears is getting pissed when they changed the way the shotgun worked online every two seconds.

    Love this segment by the way, especially with the voting. There are a few themes that I think would be cool to see go head to head at some point;

    Max Payne 2


    Conkers Bad Fur Day


    Just a few I liked that I thought I’d throw out there to ya, hope you like them.

  9. Oh yeah, snake eater: the game that turned me off of the MGS franchise. I know, I know, a lot of people said it was the best of the series…

    I was thinking more the Main Theme from MGSII. Perfect score.

  10. I gotta side with the Gears song. It just reeks of You’re-totally-screwed-ness. And besides, the sound quality is more refined (duh). But hey, that’s what happens when tech evolves.

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