Halo Reach Multiplayer: Remakes, Outer Space and Aerial Assaults

Even though the Reach Beta is far behind us, my mind is still consumed with thoughts of running around Boneyard and Powerhouse, throwing mini-nuke grenades and Lock Blocking some fools. Needless to say, I’m greatly looking forward to the game’s release on September 14, and I’ve even taken a couple days off of work to fully absorb it (that and go to a wedding, but we know which is more important). Bungie recently played host to a variety of media outlets – while snubbing my tear-filled pleas to be invited – and the fruits of those visits are finally hitting the internet. IGN got to take a look at three of the maps being shipped with Reach, and two of them should be familiar to Halo 2 veterans.

It all looks pretty good to me, especially the prospect of flying Falcons in multiplayer. How is it looking to you guys?

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4 thoughts on “Halo Reach Multiplayer: Remakes, Outer Space and Aerial Assaults”

  1. I want to see where this second “familiar” map is, since Zealot is not a Midship remake. 😛

    Reflection looks pretty, though. I’m going to get lost looking at the pretty light.

  2. All in all, I’m excited, but still depressed since my roommate refuses to play co-op.
    I’ll never experience the full experience. Thank gawd for the interwebz.

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