Poll: Do You Read Video Game Books?

Besides being a fanatic gamer, one of my other hobbies (other than tearing up the drums) is being an avid reader. I’ve been in and out of it the past few years, but recently I’ve begun to pick up books again. One of my favorite authors at the moment is Karen Traviss, who you might know from her successful Republic Commando novels (which themselves were based off of a video game). Recently, Karen has been doing the writing duties on both the Gears of War novels and the third game, but she’s also announced that she’s taking up the mantel of Halo after Greg Bear is done with his Forerunner trilogy. Novel tie-ins are becoming more and more pronounced in the games industry, so I pose this question to you guys: have you ever read a video game book?

Do You Read Video Game Books?

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9 thoughts on “Poll: Do You Read Video Game Books?”

  1. I was so happy to see Traviss doing Gears 3, because she has done a great job with the books. I’ve read all the Halo books, Gears, Mass Effect, and one Dragon Age, all were very good.

  2. All my books have pictures in them, the reason being: I have to read tons of plain text books for school. Comics have pictures.
    If anyone finds a comic based on Portal, Halo, or Assassinls Creed, do me a favor and send it straight to me.

  3. Probably would if I had the time. Working a 5 hour job, school, interning in a political job as well as a business job definitely takes its toll on time, though I’m sure that what I do doesn’t compare to the time you guys (Eddy, Nick, Anthony) spent on both TLW and WZ.

  4. There’s a novel (The Infernal City) about events after the game Oblivion, but I’ve never read past the first chapter. I’m lazy that way.

  5. Asimov, Clancy, Twain, Tolkien, and Clarke are always good standby’s for me. I used to like game books, but now I can not stand them. I also could never get into either comics or manga. Call me elitist but they never seem to get me emotionally involved with the characters.

  6. Damn that “Funny” comment wasn’t meant to go through. Could you guys get rid of it? : P

    Anyway: Funny you should mention this as I too recently got back into reading. I read ‘Atlas Shrugged’ by Ayn Rand which is what Bioshock’s concept and setting is loosely based on. It’s a really good book and I enjoyed every second of it.
    I’ve read most of the Halo books despit only owning the PC version of the first. The mythos is so amazing and Eric Nylund is just a great author (or at least when it comes to writing these novels).
    About, this Forerunner Trilogy, are any of them released and, if so, are they enough to fill my lust for the Halo universe?

  7. Do books on the subject of gaming count? I just began reading the book Extra Lives: Why Video Games Matter by Tom Bissell. I have never had an interest in books that continue the story of a game.

  8. I can’t vote. I wouldn’t say “not in a million years”, I’ve always said “I’d rather control my way through a set story, than sit in my bed for 2 hours and read it.” If I’ve got spare time, it’s usually invested in games.

    let me paraphrase Eddy: “words are dumb and print is dead”…

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