Red Dead Redemption’s Soundtrack is as Authentic as it is Beautiful

One of the stand-out things in Red Dead Redemption is, for me, the incredible soundtrack. Invoking the classic feel of Western films and composers, Rockstar’s latest opus had an incredibly nuanced creation process involving the use of several antiquated instruments and a unique method of composition. While “Far Away” by Jose Gonzales is the stand-out track in the game, the rest of the score is no less moving or powerful. Rockstar put out a video detailing the process, and it’s an informative watch.

I found that really cool, especially how the composers layered the “strands” on top of one another depending on what the player was doing. I enjoyed the ambient music in Mexico myself. What about you guys?

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6 thoughts on “Red Dead Redemption’s Soundtrack is as Authentic as it is Beautiful”

  1. I got the special edition (they were giving them away). And the first thing I did upon beating the game was download the soundtrack. It’s amazing to say the least

  2. It is a nice soundtrack, and I got it for free just by pre ordering it a Gamestop. Now that’s a nice bonus.

  3. I came up with the stems concept on my own a few weeks ago.

    Damn Rockstar, are there no original ideas left?

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