Machinima: Gears of War 3: What Have I Become

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again: TheDuoGroup makes some of my favorite machinima out there. Their new piece, a trailer created for Gears of War 3 titled What Have I Become, might be some of their best work. It was created in collaboration with Dave Tyner of Treadster Media.

Anyway, I don’t watch too much machinima these days, but I’m sure to catch everything these guys put out. Honestly, this got me more pumped for Gears of War 3 than anything else has to date. Give it a watch!

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4 thoughts on “Machinima: Gears of War 3: What Have I Become”

  1. Hah, for some reason, i’m incredibly amused that I was correct in the assumption that some version of the song “Hurt” would play in the video after seeing the title of “What Have I Become”. Though personally i’d prefer the original NIN version, Johnny Cash’s version fits with the video more. Personally I thought the video was well done, as well.

  2. Ah, they cheated and grabbed my heart with JC. Fits the same idea with the Gears commercial when they used Mad World by Gary Jules.

  3. Eddy, you may want to look a little further into who made the video. Although the video was released under TheDuoGroup’s channel, and Dave Tyner did do animation work for it, it was a collaborative effort from TheDuoGroup (Concept/Direction), Kootra (Cinematics/Putting it together in UDK), Treadster Media (Dave w/ the custom animating) and Sound Wizardry (Sound Design).

    I’m saying this just because Kootra happens to be a friend of mine and I want to make sure he, and the others involved get their due credit.

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