StarCraft 2 Finally Launches Today

Today is the day we’ve been waiting for since what feels like forever; the day that Blizzard deigns to grace us with the most hotly anticipated Real-Time-Strategy game in recent memory, StarCraft 2. Well, to be accurate, the first part of the StarCraft 2 trilogy, the Terran-centric Wings of Liberty campaign. I won’t split hairs though, because this is a monumental occasion for gamers of all types. More than any other game I know, StarCraft has a fervent legion of followers; even self-professed “non-gamer” friends of mine have been looking forward to this. Now that the game is finally out, how many of you are playing, and how many of you are waiting patiently for your copy to download? In celebration, check out the beautiful Ghosts of the Past trailer:

So, what’s your first stop: campaign or multiplayer?

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8 thoughts on “StarCraft 2 Finally Launches Today”

  1. I’ve never played SC but I had heard that it was the greatest RTS ever, and that it might be the first game to get me into the genre. So I went to the midnight launch last night and picked up a copy with a friend. It was pretty awesome because our store had feeds from SC2 beta tournaments on our TV with commentary and everything. Also there were about 50 people there for it, some playing SC1 lan on the floor with laptops. It was pretty cool and so far I’m playing the campaign and liking it a lot, playing RTS’s on PC is so much better.

  2. I loved the first game, but once you get a good strategy, everyone just repeats it and it becomes mindless, so i bowed out after a few intense weeks.

  3. the first game can be quite mindless and very hard to get into for newbs but I find that playing with your friends allows for variation to fill in what had became stale. I like finding a build to beat the other strategies. then they find one to beat mine and the circle goes round. But then again I sucked at it and never played against anyone who was worth their salt.

    I hate how they took away lan capabilities from this game. As time goes on instead of advancing, alot of companies seem to like stripping down their games and removing content. I find this ok for some things, but to remove lan from what is for the most part a multi player game is dumb I believe.

  4. hahahah. I seriously just laughed for 2 minutes. I thought I was watching a trailer for DragonAge DLC or something. There’s no need for drama in a game where you ‘manage things’ as opposed to possessing them.

    RTS games are what give PC gaming a bad name. Yeah, sure, it’s the best platform to do them on… but man… gotta start teaching people to use the mouse to shoot.

    Ugh. And no LAN capability Muaddib? I never knew it could take someone 142 years to shit the bed.

  5. Actually, Julez, one of the most praised parts of the original was the game’s story, so expecting there NOT to be drama is like expecting a traditional Halo game to not be an FPS.

    Also, and I absolutely mean no offense by this, but what in the hell do you mean by RTS games giving PC gaming a bad name?

  6. Yeah, Julez, no offense here as well, but StarCraft was lauded at the time for its deep story.

    Personally, I feel that RTS’s are a perfect PC game. Heck, my friend’s mom plays the old Dune RTS everyday. Even The Sims can trace its lineage back to RTS’s, somewhat.

  7. Hey, no I know, but what I’m saying is it’s famous for Multiplayer, I had friends addicted to the first one for yeears. I’m just saying, the game play doesn’t reflect drama. It reflect speedy binds and race exploits as far as I remember.

    And Sinister What I meant is that RTS games are what most non-PC gamers think of when they think of PC gaming. That or WOW, which makes me a little sick.

  8. Yeah, i’m not surprised about that. Playing the original back when I first had it, I was getting destroyed on a regular basis because they were used to getting up to speed quickly and efficiently. Still, though, the story was still something it was known for, albeit not what it was known most for. I guess that trailer is just the “story” trailer for those who enjoyed the story of the first.

    Really? That seems weird, considering PC seems more known as the definitive FPS platform. It just seems like StarCraft and WoW were big enough that anyone would think that. I blame myself, though, for being out of the loop with PC happenings these days.

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