Jose Gonzalez Performs Far Away From Red Dead Redemption

If you’ve played Red Dead Redemption, then you are familiar with the song Far Away by Jose Gonzalez, which plays at one of the most iconic moments from the game. This moment is easily one of the best examples of exactly when to play music and let the game sound fade away. I’m also not afraid to say that it instantly made the list of my favorite gaming moments of this generation.

In this video, Jose Gonzalez performs the song on the roof Rockstar in New York. And it’s just as awesome as that sounds. Give it a watch.

Without giving too many spoilers, who else adores this moment in Red Dead Redemption?

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7 thoughts on “Jose Gonzalez Performs Far Away From Red Dead Redemption”

  1. This is a great song and performance. Thanks for the vid. I haven’t reached this moment in the game yet but I’m jonesing for it now.

  2. Yeah, same as Lazlow. RDR was a fantastic game overall, and that moment just made it classic. Excellent song!

  3. Glad to see that others in here loved the moment as much as I did. I was simply mesmerized, and I totally feel the same that Lazlow did. I didn’t want it to end at all.

  4. Haven’t played RDR yet, but love Jose Gonzalez. It’s on my long list of games to play when/if I ever have time again. Lousy “responsibilities.”

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