GamerSushi Asks: What Are You Playing?

Alan WakeWell, you’ve listened to us yap about what we’re playing on the podcast, so it’s time for you all to jump in with it, too.

Fortunately for me, we seem to be in a very brief gaming drought, while we wait for the fall releases to start dropping on us. I suppose this begins in September with Halo: Reach, so that gives me a good couple of months to catch up with some of the games on my backlog. These include Alpha Protocol, 3D Dot Game Heroes, Starcraft II (when it comes out), Dragon Age: Awakening, and even more Red Dead Redemption.

However, in the immediate future I will be playing both Alien Swarm and Alan Wake, two games that are polar opposites in terms of budget, scale and style, but both equally as engaging, I’m sure. While I haven’t officially started Alan Wake just yet, I watched my brother play about a quarter of the game a couple of weekends ago and I was mesmerized. In addition, Alien Swarm has commanded the last couple of nights, and I still can’t get over just how fun this free game is.

So what about you guys? What are you playing? Go!

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11 thoughts on “GamerSushi Asks: What Are You Playing?”

  1. Red Dead Redemption has me hooked at the moment. I’m dloading Alien Swarm as per your recommendations as well. Counter-Strike every once in a while. I wish I could play Alan Wake but since they canceled the PC version I’m SOL. (I have PC and PS3).

  2. For the first time in ages I actually have a fair bit of spare time on my hands, so I’ve been playing quite a few games. I recently bought a Wii so I’ve been running through the big name titles on that – Mario Galaxy 1 and 2, Twilight princess, Smash Bros, New Super Mario Bros, Metriod Prime trilogy. Also been working on my 3rd play through of Mass Effect 2. And I picked up Professor Layton and Pandora’s Box for the DS as well.

    The other game I’ve been putting a fair bit of time into recently (also relates to a some of the podcast topics) is Knights of the old republic 2, but i downloaded the Restored Content Mod to go with it. Basically a group of people have been working on it and have put back in all the cut content – and a lot of the game actually makes so much more sense now. I love it. Kotor 2 was one of my favourite games a few years ago, and its great to finally play it as it was meant to be.

    Wow, its been a long time since to had that many games on the go at once.

  3. Red Dead Redemption is what’s currently fueling my sleep deprivation. Also playing a little Alien Swarm, Half Life 2 Ep 1, and replaying The Dig from back in the day.

  4. I have been playing TF2 like always but also have been trying to play Alien Swarm but seem to have connection problems with it.

  5. Lately it’s been a whole mess of games. From the classics on the N64 and Sega Genesis, to the newer games.
    Though the big ones would have to be MW2, ACII, Republic Commando, and Quake II.

  6. Alien Swarm is kind of taking over my life. I’m seeing aliens crawling everywhere!
    But,of course, I try to mix it up with some TF2 (got a new hat!) and CS: S (i’m uber l33tz0rd…not.)

    PS: Eddy, bring some more GS dudes so we can squash them bugs to bug juice. And also, try to last a little longer, ok? you’re no old man 😉

  7. I’ve kind of stopped playing games. I still mod Oblivion, but I never really play it. All my Wii games are boring, and I just don’t feel like playing any TF2. :sadface:

  8. I’m kinda of on a downward spiral when it comes to games at the moment. I’m sure that StarCraft II will obliterate my life, but Crackdown is all I’ve got going right now.

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