Bungie Introduces Forge World for Halo: Reach

If you listened to the totally sweet new podcast, then you’ll know that we geeked out for awhile about mods and how awesome the gaming community is at creating cool new content for our most beloved games. While this mostly happens on PC, one of the primary examples of this done well on a console is the variety of custom content produced by Halo 3’s avid Forge community. Even years later, they are still pumping out cool new game types that are totally worth playing.

Which is why Bungie has kicked it up a notch for Halo: Reach with the introduction of Forge World. There’s not really a whole lot I can say about this other than implore you to watch. Because seriously, wow… I am so excited about the possibilities that the team at Bungie is creating for this. The fact that they are even shipping some maps built in Forge World to show what all it can do is sure to inspire.

Who else just got even more excited for Halo: Reach because of this video?

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10 thoughts on “Bungie Introduces Forge World for Halo: Reach”

  1. Wow… I am speechless. I’m not a Halo guy at all, but building my own maps is something I love to do in any game that offers it. This is incredible.

  2. I am super excited about this development. I am really excited about reach as a whole.

    Halo 3 ended up being something that sort of just died out for me. So much fun stuff, but it kind of felt old. The BETA though, made everything feel so new. Im super excited and ready to play.

    Bungie’s innovation with the FORGE and Theatre are just amazing. Forge will go beyond what it was before, the possibilities with this are going to be unreal. I can not wait fo this game.

    We will need to play Eddy

  3. Saw this yesterday and was dumbstruck. I loved the idea of Forge, but placing that one damn wall would kill me sometimes. And now they fixed onto it, AND innovated some more. The amount of value people are getting for their $60 is just crazy. Also Eddy I don’t know if you noticed but some of the maps that are included are remakes of old ones, like Lockout. That way when it’s time to release map packs for the game you don’t have people screaming for remakes.

  4. With any luck, Bungie will render downloadable map packs obsolete with Reaches Forge.

    I being delusional of course.The market for map packs will continue to thrive but at least I won’t have to waste money.

    Now if only Valve and Microsoft could come to a compromise and release TF2 updates on XboxLive…I can only dream.

  5. FUCKING JIZZED MY PANTS!!! Seriously, thank you Bungie.

    Forge World is the most ambitious thing Halo Reach has to offer imo. Very very exciting. (Ima make an Inception-esque map, since there seems to be some sorta gravity control!)

  6. Anytime I see modding abilities such as this, it just makes me want to buy the game just for that. Which is why a game like garrysmod is loved by so many. When any game creates the ability to have people make it into a new game, that is when it becomes a truly great game. I foresee this game to be played far beyond the this current generation of consoles.

  7. For us PC gamers this is nothing new, dumbed down in fact from our usual helping of unreal engines and hammer editors. I’m happy to see this become accessible to consoles but this isn’t really that new or or original. I’m not sold on this game just because its never been the same since the first halo and if i want crazy maps and fresh map concepts I might as well go back to counter strike.

  8. @Ronator

    Someone didn’t listen to the podcast. Or read the post, which framed up what you commented on – yes, this is nothing new in the PC world, but it’s still an exciting tool for a beloved console game. It’s hardly the same as going back to a 10 year old game.

  9. The following message is brought to you by Mitch’s brain overloading:


    Thank you for your patience as he attempts to process so much win.

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