The GamerSushi Show, Ep 6: Fresh Coat of Free

Alien SwarmIt’s really hard to believe that we’re now on podcast number 6, but we’re back this week with a brand new edition The GamerSushi Show, ready for your ears and scrutiny. You’ll notice a couple of things that are different in this episode, namely the awesome new theme song that Jace Ford wrote for us, which to me is absolutely perfect. Anyone that speaks against it will face the back of my hand. Also, Anthony was sick so he couldn’t make this week, and his absence was definitely felt, but he’ll be back for the next one.

In this episode, we cover a variety of topics as always, which may or may not include the death of 1 vs 100, remakes of old games and Alien Swarm. Apparently when we recorded this, the phrases “fresh coat of paint” and “free” became our favorite words ever, because we say them no less than a million times each during the course of it. Seriously, if you are of drinking age, you should play a drinking game that revolves around each time we say either of those things. You will get plastered.

Anyway, as we requested last time, you should definitely go rate the podcast on iTunes if you haven’t done so already. Enjoy!

This week’s topics:

What Are You Playing?
Secret of Monkey Island 2: Special Edition and the art of remaking old games
Alien Swarm and the wide world of PC modding
Crackdown 1 versus Crackdown 2: handing sequels off to new developers

Community Topics
The Current Game of the Year Poll
Would You Rather: RPG Edition and why linear games are starting to take so much flack
Games we hated that other people loved?

Gaming News
Starcraft II and the 100 million dollar budget
The sad and sordid tale of the end of 1 vs 100


As always, that doesn’t even scratch the surface of the depths to which we exercised our geek muscles, so you should just listen for yourself to see how far the rabbit hole went. Feel free to continue the discussion in the comments, dudes! Thanks for listening.

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12 thoughts on “The GamerSushi Show, Ep 6: Fresh Coat of Free”

  1. Alien Swarm = Very fun. It’s a hard game, but I like have a challenge even on Easy mode, though I’ve already beaten the campaign on Normal, so I’ve been trying on Hard, and it is…well, hard. THAT’S WHAT SHE SAID!!!
    Unfortunately, my compy’s internet connection blows, so lag frequently gives me free adrenaline. lol

    And Awesome podcast, of course.

  2. Great podcast, gents. These things are becoming addictive.

    Hell yeah on the Fate of Atlantis remake idea – I would completely flip out if that happened.

    Oh,and sorry about the whole quadrate thing, Eddy. Didn’t mean to crush your spirit – but I couldn’t resist 😉

  3. Good podcast, guys. Makes me want to get Monkey Island and Alien Swarm.

    The whole 1vs100 thing going on pisses me off, even though I hadn’t even heard about it until the podcast brought it up. I’m all for uniting casual and hardcore gamers. The game actually looked really fun, something nearly everyone can get in on. Microsoft is just being plain stupid when deciding not to keep the game going.

  4. I remember the free CS days, but even after losing my last account, it’s still totally worth it’s $9.99

    Steam CLOUD traditionally means you save your game from one machine, and be able to load your saved games on a different machine. So I’m guessing your progress in the game on PS3 can be saved and then loaded on your PC. I don’t think they’d allow you to buy one copy and play on both.

    Great cast as always!

  5. Great as always. Also on the Star Destroyer part in TFU, Haden Blackman recently told GameInformer I believe that that part was actually glitched, and that the sticks on the screen were telling you the wrong way. Just thought I’d share that little piece of trivia.

  6. UPDATE!

    Starcraft II’s budget is not 100 million, as previously thought. Those numbers are how much Blizzard grosses per year (?) from World of Warcraft. Read the initial article, it’s been amended.

    1. Yeah, I saw that today, thanks Trogador! Luckily, the discussion was still about gaming budgets in general. Weird that the Wall Street Journal could get their facts mixed up on that.

  7. Sorry I’m late, just got round to listening to the podcast. As usual nice podcast great to listen to.
    Also Twin Snakes > MGS. In my humble opinion of course. I played both versions: PS1 first, GC 2nd, and I love the ridiculous cutscenes aswell. The scenes involving Gray Fox are badass.

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