What Issues Should Gamers Drop?

Halo: ReachWe gamers can tend to be a finicky bunch. We are armed with intelligence, a bit of free time, and a huge passion over a hobby/lifestyle that we feel terribly protective of. Naturally this is going to lead to a few scraps here and there, things that gamers don’t always see eye to eye on, whether that is with other gamers or the industry at large.

But how many of the battles we fight are really worth arguing about because they are legitimate issues, and which ones do we actually need to drop? Last week, Koku Gamer posted a slightly tongue-in-cheek yet interesting article bemoaning 5 things gamers need to get over. In my mind, it’s actually spot on, and I’m saying that as somebody who has griped about one or two of the things present.

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  • Casual games aren’t going anywhere
  • Halo is popular, and you can’t do anything about it
  • The economy has more decision making power than you
  • Motion controls have an audience
  • There’s nothing wrong with the FPS format

That’s the short hand version, but I’d definitely recommend reading the article to see how each of those are fleshed out, because there are some really good thoughts there. In particular, I think I agree most with the points about Halo, which is a game that people spend far too much time arguing about (and the comments on the article are proof of this), and the final point about the FPS format, though I still think we see too many of them. One thing left off of this list: some gamers will re-buy their favorite franchise every year. Get over it, dudes.

So what about you guys? Do you agree/disagree with any of these points? Do you think there are any other issues gamers need to get over? Go ahead and leave your thoughts in the comments!

Source- Koku Gamer

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9 thoughts on “What Issues Should Gamers Drop?”

  1. I don’t like how they made Halo seem like an un-innovative and creative game that has been repackaged multiple times, but I agree with the fact that people need to shut up with their “Halo killers”.

  2. I really liked that article. Very interesting read.
    Eddy, just 2 points to contest with you here:
    1. ” I still think we see too many of them (FPS’s)” I’m guessing it’s a fad. It’s going to be there for a long time but eventually it shall loose the sheer popularity and die down a tad. Remember after GTA3? Free roamers more numerous than my blackjack winnings in RDR (that’s quite a lot so you know). Give it time.
    2. “some gamers will re-buy their favorite franchise every year. Get over it, dudes.”
    What’s wrong with that? They clearly enjoy what they’re getting.

    1. That’s exactly my point. I see lots of gamers complain about, say, people buying Madden every year, but they need to get over it. There are people out there willing to do that because they enjoy it and gamers should let that be.

  3. Yeah, if people wanna play the Wii, let them.

    One thing I do complain about is my fiancee’s cousin.

    The kid has Metal Gear Solid Portable Ops for the PSP, plays Super Smash Bros Brawl just to play as Snake, BUT HAS NEVER PLAYED A REAL MGS GAME.

    Same thing with Final Fantasy. He plays the spin offs, but doesn’t play the real games.


  4. Lol, who complains about other’s buying the same franchise? That just means more money goes to the publishers that print out other games that you (said complainer) might enjoy. That just seems broken to me.

    And yeah, there are a lot of FPS’s.. Let me play them and I’ll tell you if they’re any good!

    Good list.

  5. Some good points, even though it’s all just common sense. Alas, common sense is an uncommon commodity.
    But uh, this writer is obviously jaded against Halo himself. Each Halo game has innovation, moron. (Btw, Reach will be sexy.)

    But uh, I still hate motion control. lol I just want a reliable motion controller, and for a traditional controller market to still exist in the future.

  6. I agree with pretty much all of those to be honest.

    One I think should be mentioned though, that we hear all the time, and even I am guilty of hearing in Multiplayer FPS games: Weapons are broken.

    Yes, a lot of the time a weapon or combo of them is super cheap and ridiculous. In MW2 guns like the TAR21, the UMP45, and the Grenade Launcher are all bitched at for being broken. Yes some are unfair, but as far as guns go, unless they get patched, they are fair game. Its like the AWP in CSS, annoying, but legit, it takes skill to use too. (Granted I still dont think the Grenade launcher takes skill) I feel like saying weps in game are broken or unfair is something gamers should get over. Doesnt mean the weapon isnt cheap, but if its not getting patched or removed, you cant do piddly about it.

  7. Wow, those are pretty spot-on points. I would add something in there about “simplifying” games, you know, the complaint that the first game in the series was great for whatever reason but the sequels ruined the series because the developer “dumbed it down” to reach a broader audience. This is sometimes a legitimate complaint, but I think that most of the time it’s a case of not seeing the forest for the trees. If you take one feature out of a game (even if it was broken or otherwise underused), there are always people who scream about it like someone stole their child out of its crib in the dead of night.

    And as an aside, I loved how the author compared looking for hardcore games with looking for good heavy metal. As a big metalhead, I understand completely and I hope the game industry will never get THAT bad.

  8. Zayven, I think you’re totally hitting on something with people complaining about sequels. I’m OK with things changing somewhat for sequels, but sometimes people take it over board with how much they want each new game to be the same.

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