Valve Dishing Out Alien Swarm Free Today on Steam

Today, Valve is releasing something special that many PC gamers are sure to freak out over. I have to admit, I am not one of the rabid denizens of the Unreal 2004 community that played the junk out of the now famous mod known as Alien Swarm, but I’ve heard all about it from friends of mine who swear that it is one of the most fun multiplayer co-op games that they have ever experienced.

If you don’t know of the history behind it, Alien Swarm was a top-down mod for UT 2004 that allowed 4 players to battle it out, Diablo style, against legions of aliens with totally awesome weapons. Valve then hired the team behind its inception to help them build Left 4 Dead. Apparently the team has had some free time on its hands these days, and have produced a good and proper Source engine version of their beloved classic, which releases today on Steam.

The best part? It’s absolutely free. I’m going to be playing this tonight for sure. Who’s with me?

Did any of you guys play the original? Go!

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12 thoughts on “Valve Dishing Out Alien Swarm Free Today on Steam”

  1. I am with you, bro!
    if anyone wants to add me so we can play, add Hokage_Naruto
    let’s kick some alien ass… again… 😀

  2. Dang, this just caught my interest. Even if it wasn’t free, I’d still pick this up. It looks like an absolute blast!

  3. I would be playing this now but it seems that I cannot DL it cause all the traffic. My Steam ID is [Muffin] Muad’dib, btw.

  4. Liked it a lot, although twice I had it lag where the camera absolutely freaked out so bad I couldn’t play at all and I died, which was extremely annoying. Other than that it was really fun.

  5. I’m noticing quite a few lag issues and random crashes but when it works it’s a ridiculous time

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