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MicrophoneThe time to record another podcast is nigh, so that means we need some good old fashioned community questions. We’re going to try and do a better job of hitting those in the next few podcasts, because we always have some really good discussions built around the stuff that you guys like to talk about. You know, when we’re not talking about Saturday morning cartoons or something like that.

Anyway, you know the drill. Ask whatever question you think it would be cool to hear us argue or chat about. If you’ve asked it before but we haven’t covered it, feel free to submit it again, and we’ll do our best. And feel free to leave any podcast feedback you have in here as well.


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10 thoughts on “Submit Your Podcast Questions!”

  1. Dragon Age 2 and how the story structure is changing, along with visual style and gameplay.

  2. Talk about the XBLA indie game Limbo if anyone has played it. Or maybe a topic: games you hated that everyone else seems to like.

  3. I think you should have Daniel do an episode with you guys. Always wondered his opinions on things.

  4. Will space craft shooters like Privateer and Wing Commander ever make a come back? Same question on adventure games like the original “Indiana Jones and the Fate of Atlantis”, Myst, and the more recent Braid? Is 3D the future or a fad?

  5. Have any of you had a chance to play alien swarm? If so, is it any good and worth the download (the whole free thing it has going on is a nice incentive)?

    Along those lines, what is your guys favorite top down games you’ve played (shooters or non, whichever you prefer to discuss)?

  6. 1.WHich game will win sales when it come out?
    Halo Reach or COD Black Ops
    2.Should Modern Warfare 2 switch over to monthly subscription like WOW or stay like it is right now?

  7. Lots of great things here, shame that some of them came after the podcast, but we’ll keep them in our back pocket. What’s cool is that we actually talked about some of these topics anyway. Thanks guys!

  8. Powen I can answer your first question right now, which will of course be CoD. CoD is on 3 platforms versus Halo’s one. Although I think Halo will sell more than the 360 version of CoD.

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