Poll: What Kind of Gamer Are You?

In a recent and totally sweet podcast, Nick made the comment that most of our users were probably PC gamers. I’ve always thought this as well, mainly considering that our news posts that get the most comments are often about PC games, and the fact that many of you came over due to an affinity for The Leet World, created in Source. But we’ve never really asked, we’ve only assumed. And you know what they say about assumptions.

Anyway, I wanted to do a poll to figure out if you guys actually are PC gamers, console gamers, or if you consider yourselves a mixture of both. This isn’t a question about what’s better, so no flame wars, folks, but feel free to state your preferences in the comments as well. I used to consider myself a mixture of the two, but have recently been leaning more towards consoles. However, the release of Starcraft II and a future upgrade to my PC are probably going to push me back to being a mixture.

So how about you guys? Vote away!

What kind of gamer are you?

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9 thoughts on “Poll: What Kind of Gamer Are You?”

  1. I put Console, simply because I game on that far more frequently. I do game on my PC though, so I could be seen as both. I have Steam, but not very many games on Steam nor am I longer an avid player of Steam games such as CSS or TF2. Games like Oblivion though, are purely for PC for me (why console? You cant mod. Adds so much)

    So while I could be considered both. I put console. Im not surprised many would say PC, though at the time of this post, Console is winning.

  2. I’m a big PC gamer but I got a Wii on launch so I didn’t miss out on Zelda, Mario etc. etc.

    Also I said I would get a ps3 when it has 10 exclusives I really want to play, currently on 6!

    I use PC most though.

  3. I bat for both.
    For Valve Games, I only play on the PC. (Why would you play TF2 on the Xbox/PS3?)
    For other shooters, Xbox all the way.
    For First-Person RPG’s, Xbox.
    For Tactical RPG’s, (like Dragon Age), PC.

  4. Honestly, I’m both. I play my PC just as much as my X-Box 360 or PS3. I’ll probably become primarily PC once SC2 and The Old Republic hit.

  5. ever since my original xbox tarted to break, I have been exclusively a PC gamer. All my friends are console people, but I have neither the money nor the want to get a console.

  6. I voted PC, but I play SNES quite a bit with a few of my room mates. I just figured SNES wasn’t really the “console” choices you guys were thinking of =).

    Definitely a PC gamer.

  7. Console. I have a couple of PC games, but they don’t get played now. All of my friends are console gamers (in fact, bar one we’re all PS3 players) so playing on PC doesn’t really count as an option for me. This may change eventually but for now, I’ll stick with console.

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