Four More Portal 2 Gameplay Videos

Well, who knew that when we posted those Portal 2 gameplay videos the other day, that even more of the big E3 demo was going to be hitting the Web shortly? Parts 2 through 5 (of 7 total) are now online for Portal fans to gobble up, with the next 2 parts coming out tomorrow.

Honestly, the glimpses I’ve seen of the game so far are an absolute blast, and it really looks like they’re taking things to crazy heights in terms of the puzzling and platforming. I love the leap of faith mechanic, and they’ve got some cool new stuff to show off in these videos as well.

Parts 4 and 5 are after the jump!

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4 thoughts on “Four More Portal 2 Gameplay Videos”

  1. ahh, you guys got me excited, these are the same as the last 2, just standalone videos without commentary. One video for each new thing, apart from the 2 liquids!

  2. No worries Eddy, they are better quality and no commentary, so good for a download to watch on the TV! Cheers

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