GamerSushi Asks: What Are You Playing?

transformers_optimusWelcome to our semi-monthly open-forum post where we pose to you the simple question of “What Are You Playing”? It’s summer now, but the games keep on coming, so much so that I can barely keep up with them. I’ve completely skipped Final Fantasy 13, missed half of God of War 3, only just caught up on Heavy Rain, and I still feel like I’m struggling to stay current. It may have something to do with sinking about two days worth of playtime into Red Dead Redemption, but that game is awesome, so I’ll assume that you forgive me.

Other than that, there’s been a couple of co-op DLC releases, a licensed game that’s actually pretty good, and Steam is having a ridiculous sale right now (you can find all of the delicious savings through this link if you don’t follow us on Twitter). I think I’m going to pick up Torchlight since it’s so cheap. I’ve heard good things about it, but has anyone played it?

Also, before we jump in to your posts, I should mention that next week will be bereft of the GamerSushi podcast since Nick and Eddy are “ascending the slopes of Mount Doom” with Web Zeroes, as they put it. We’ll pick up where we left off with our normal format in a couple of weeks though. Hopefully you can wait a while before our dulcet tones, and my nasally voice, caress your ear canals once again. OK, enough blabbing on my part, get cracking!

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14 thoughts on “GamerSushi Asks: What Are You Playing?”

  1. What’s with this extreme consumerism that you people have to play every game that comes out? Since last summer I’ve only played TF2, CoH which I got for 50% on steam, GoW collection (1&2), GoW 3 and Bioshock. I feel that I’ve spent enough time on each game, on CoH I got over 200 hours and its nowhere near old.

  2. [quote comment=”11970″]What’s with this extreme consumerism that you people have to play every game that comes out?[/quote]

    I don’t know if it’s “extreme consumerism” so much as just… liking video games and wanting to play more of them? It’s cool that you’ve gotten so much value out of a handful of games, and I still do that from time to time, I just like to experience new games as others do and have fun with it.

    Right now, I’m playing God of War III, Red Dead Redemption and hope to be getting in some good Onslaught time this weekend with Bad Company 2. Also, I’m hitting up that Steam sale for Civ 4 for sure.

  3. I’m 150 hours into Monster Hunter Tri and loving it! Still have a lot to do, though, so that should keep me busy a while. It’s my first time with an MH game, and it kind of makes me sad I missed all the others.

  4. [quote comment=”11978″]3D Dot Game Heroes, Scared 2, Chrono Trigger and (still) Halo 3.

    FINISH THE FIGHT! plz??[/quote]

    You’ll probably edit after you read this, but Scared 2 or Sacred 2? If Sacred 2, how is that game? I’ve always wanted to try it.

  5. Elder Scrolls IV Oblivion has taken over. But with steam being incredible I just bought 2 Indie games, Dirt 2 and Sniper Elite (Which was really underrated) all for $22.00. Noo Gamez!!

  6. Hmm, i just finished bioshock 2 yesterday(Finally!)

    On my PC im playing Bad Company 2’s multiplayer every day and playing CoD4 with my friends over lan and the internets. I play Garrys Mod every day, you gotta love the crazy number of custom gametypes people make.

    Now my ps3 is getting a little bit more attention then it usually does, My Data got deleted after i had to modify some stuff on it so i’ve been replaying Metal Gear Solid 4. Im also getting into killzone 2’s multiplayer. Im looking to pick up Uncharted 2 in the coming few days.

    Im replaying Megaman Battle network 5 also. badass game.

  7. @ Eddy and Nick, good luck with the filming. I hope everything goes smoothly and you guy won’t have to work TOO hard!
    Red Dead Redemption has consumed me and my friends lives so we can relate Mitch. Also, Bioshock 2’s multiplayer. I don’t know why I tried it but it’s not that bad. Not CoD or BFBC but still good.

  8. I haven’t really been playing anything lately, except for random bouts of Insaniquarium and Team Fortress 2.

  9. I’ve been working hard on developing a game myself, but on my breaks I’ve been playing Strong Bad’s Cool Game For Attractive People. It gives me some time to relax and laugh. I preordered New Vegas on Steam though, so come October I’ll have that.

  10. almost done with Psychonauts, finished God of War 1 (god I hate spinning blades) and started working through 2, just picked up Demon Souls and loving it, and filling in the middle with some Red Dead Redemption (we really need a gamer sushi posse).

    P.S. Skubapart0l, are you playing Red Dead on xbox or PS3? if PS3 I can has PSN ID?

  11. @ Gadfly Jim
    I am indeed on PS3. My PSN ID is (shocker!) also SkubaPatr0l (remember the zero for an o). That ought to bring our PS3 sushi posse up to 2! Anyone else?
    I remember those spinning blades in GoW1. Maybe I was lucky but it didnt cause me too many problems.

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