Firefight Returns for Halo Reach

While last year’s Halo 3: ODST divided a lot of people with its price point and the short length of the campaign, I think that we can mostly agree that Firefight, the four-person co-op survival mode, was pretty freaking awesome. Players would band together against ever increasing waves of Covenant troops, competing for points but using teamwork to stay alive. Since Firefight was so well received, fans have been hoping and wondering if Firefight was going to make a reappearance in Halo: Reach, Bungie’s final (?) foray into the Halo-verse. Well, wonder no more, Spartans! Firefight is back and better than ever. Check out the trailer:

Just watching that trailer makes me salivate a little bit, because the thought of Firefight with Reach’s refined mechanics is a delicious one indeed. Better yet, the mode will feature matchmaking this time around, which was a point of contention when it was excluded from ODST. What do you guys think? Who here got even more excited for Reach, and who’s had their opinions changed?

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6 thoughts on “Firefight Returns for Halo Reach”

  1. I don’t think there is a game out there that offers as much content for $60. 4 player co-op with campaign scoring, awesome multiplayer, custom games, saved films, forge, and firefight.

  2. You’re right, Beans. I guess Reach is Bungie’s way of saying sorry for ODST. lol Firefight 2.0 looks fun with all them armor abilities and cool Reach sexiness. Plus, it looks like there will be objectives. On one of the HUD’s, it said “Generator Defense” under the Firefight Wave info, so it looks like Gen.Def. is confirmed for at the very least Firefight, and maybe every so often there will be a special objective within Firefight other than kill all the Covies and don’t die. Looks like fun.

    All I ask is for matchmaking, and Firefight 2.0 will literally be perfect.

  3. @3VisionEyes3: I don’t know, but these “survival” type modes have been around since Bungie’s Marathon games, and maybe even before that. I just think lately it’s gotten more popular then ever.

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