Fallout MMO Beta Site Launched

Fallout Online

For many months now, there has been a rumored Fallout MMO in the works, with Interplay and Bethesda caught in a slight legal debacle over the rights to the game. The codename for this game has been Project V13, and while it wasn’t scheduled to go into public beta until sometime in 2012, it seems that things might have changed. A new Fallout Online site has been launched by Interplay, with a flash animation, some artwork and even a form to register for the beta as well as regular e-mail updates. I guess they’ve had their issues worked out, recently?

This is potentially pretty cool news, even though I have yet to finish the game. The Fallout world is a really rich one with plenty of great locales to visit, and tons of room for player exploration. I think it’s exactly the kind of property that lends itself perfectly to an MMO, so the developments here should be fun to see. If any of you are interested, head on over to the site, but just be warned that it’s loading a bit janky right now because it’s servers are no doubt being beaten like a drum.

So what do you guys think of this? Who’s going to sign up?

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7 thoughts on “Fallout MMO Beta Site Launched”

  1. Is this only a PC thing?

    If so, I’m s-c-r-e-w-e-d.

    Too bad because I love Fallout. I’m interested to see how they’ll maintain the sense of emptiness and solitude that’s so central to the aesthetic of the series while still creating a compelling multiplayer experience.

    I think it’s possible and hopefully it will drive Interplay to come up with something that doesn’t just feel like WoW with guns, radiation, and super mutants.

  2. Signed up, for what it’s worth.

    I’m sure Interplay will laugh at me if I ask them if it will be on mac.

  3. [quote comment=”11878″]Signed up, for what it’s worth.

    I’m sure Interplay will laugh at me if I ask them if it will be on mac.[/quote]


    Sounds cool. I may try this.

  4. While I’m at it, I think I’ll go on the discussion boards that the site links to and tell everyone there that Fallout 3 is much better than the original isometric games and that I hope the mmo is like Fallout 3.

    After that, we can hold a vote on the best insults that the Interplay fanboys hurl my way.

  5. I love FO3, really I do. The 200+ hours I put into it will attest to that; however I never could get into the idea of playing a WoW Fallout hybrid. Besides, by then New Vegas and the expansion packs I’m sure it will have will be out.

  6. Oh snap, FO:O will be great, as long as my crappy computer and pathetic internet connection can handle it.

  7. Lol zayven, I want to see that as a feature; How many fanboys can zayven piss off?: Fallout Edition.
    Follow it up with other games with many fanboys. Oh! Do it with Valve fanboys and say the PS3 version of Portal 2 will be the best.
    Back to the article, I’m genuinely surprised Interplay actually got this far. I was sure Bethesda would secure it for sure.

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