Check Out These Star Wars: TOR Gameplay Clips

I know that Bioware has shown off little bits of The Old Republic gameplay here and there, but I’ve largely been avoiding it so I could see a more lengthy piece that showed a healthier stretch all together. Well, because of E3, we’ve gotten several of those in a row, taking us on a small quest through numerous classes.

In terms of the gameplay, I’m not quire sure how I feel about it. It doesn’t appear particularly exciting, but then again I’ve never played an MMO. In terms of MMO combat, this is about as exciting as it gets, from watching friends play WoW. It’s also fairly impressive that the entire thing is going to be voiced, which is a gigantic undertaking for that many quests.

What do you guys think? Check out the lightsaber gameplay below, along with the other class videos after the jump. I’ve even included the video that tells you all about ships, which act as the players’ homes in the MMO.

Star Wars: TOR Ships Trailer

Star Wars: TOR Trooper Gameplay

Star Wars: TOR Field Action Gameplay

Star Wars: TOR Bounty Armor Trailer

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3 thoughts on “Check Out These Star Wars: TOR Gameplay Clips”

  1. Last year at GDC they showed a 30 minute dev walkthrough that was a lot more in depth in terms of combat (it actually showed the interface and player screen), whereas as these are more of clips thrown together. And from what I’ve seen it has great MMO combat.

  2. Maybe its just my fanboyist leanings, but when I see these videos I can not help but shudder. All of it looks like absolute crap. Making it into an MMO was probably one of the worst decisions I have heard of. My main problem with it is how they are going to tell an epic and engrossing story when everyone is the Hero. That is one of the main problems of an MMO which is the lack of immersion into the story and world. But I will wait to see it for real before I make my end judgement on the game but it doesn’t look to be worth my time and money, which is especially sad since the first two were my favorite games of the last generation.

  3. Well Muaddib if it makes you feel better the primary (aka story quests) will not be like say quests in WoW. You are not going to one area in a big world and killing a certain enemy that respawns every minute. You will enter an instance like area where it’s only you and anyone in your party. That way the story is only you, and whenever you return to these instance areas anyone who is dead remains dead. It’s Bioware, they are making sure the story is a very key element.

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