The E3 2010 Madness Begins

E3 2010E3 2010 has arrived. And it is glorious. Revel!

Already, the gears of gaming wars are spinning into existence, and the rumors/news flying out is hard to keep up with. This is the week where we, only being dudes who do this for a hobby in our limited free time, will ultimately fail to keep up with the barrage of new information that is coming out. But we will try our hardest to keep everything up to date, and we’ll love doing it, because seriously, this is gaming nerds’ favorite time of the year.

And man, the deluge has already started. We’ve got XBox Kinect, leaked drawings of the Nintendo 3DS (which is supposedly going to make its debut tomorrow), the Metroid Prime team rumored to be working on a Donkey Kong game, and all kinds of other craziness. Check back here later today and you’ll find a bullet-pointed break down of the Microsoft E3 2010 press conference, with handy links for more information for all of you that will miss it when it runs this afternoon.

So, what are you most excited about for E3? Go!

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2 thoughts on “The E3 2010 Madness Begins”

  1. If Retro studios are making anything other than a First-Person-Metroid I will be verry disappoint.

    I want some info on Spec Ops: The Line, Fallout NV, Resistance 3 and inFamous 2. And maybe a little Black Ops just to see how Treyarch can compare to IW’s E3 presence.
    Also, PSN subscription plans and what they entail.

    Bring on the E3.

  2. Racist Ops might be cool, but we’ll see in the demo and if they release any gameplay. New Vegas I know will be sex, and I’m waiting for Brink to release some stuff. I thought they were coming to E3.

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