Today’s WTF: Valve Canceling E3 Event?

Well, file this one under “kind of freaking weird”, I guess. Not even our GameCop feature could have predicted this kind of psycho madness.

So, remember all that E3 Valve commotion that started last week? In case you didn’t remember here’s a brief recap. First, Valve said that it was going to have a “special surprise” at E3. Then, images circulated about a supposed “Gordon Freeman” thing that had to do with the surprise. Then Valve said that no, it wasn’t Half-Life 2 Episode 3. After that, there were rumors that this was going to be a reveal of a new Source Engine. Even farther still, Valve then announced that Portal 2 had been delayed to 2011.

Crazy, right? Well, now Valve has reportedly canceled its E3 2010 event completely. Here’s the note from Valve’s Doug Lombardi regarding the cancellation.

β€œJust a quick note to clarify the Monday Press Event at the Regal Theater is completely cancelled. Please do not head over there expecting to see us.”

What a strange, sordid tell. So what do you guys think? More Valve tomfoolery, or did this “special surprise” thing blow up in their faces once they realized that what people really wanted was Half-Life 2 Episode 3, and perhaps they didn’t have that for them. Thoughts?

Source- VG247

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13 thoughts on “Today’s WTF: Valve Canceling E3 Event?”

  1. Oh… God… No…
    Don’t do this to me, Valve!
    God damn it!!
    I hope this is just a prank. Or something!

  2. Half Life 3 will be broken up into episodes to decrease development times.

    I love it in theory, but man, they open themselves up to a PR minefield everytime they mention a surprise,lol.

  3. Ok, So Check it. They were going to unleash Left 4 Dead 3 on us and it would of cured cancer and solved our energy problem. But then realized that the community would of still hated them for it.

    For reals though, I think that they just had some technical difficulties, like their wi-fi went down cause they don’t have verizon. oh wait.

  4. wait which cancellation are we talking about??? lol, I guess I should make sure I am fully awake before I read/post.

    so is the surprise the cancellation…no not the first cancellation the second one…you know the cancellation of the canceled cancellation! oh valve what hath you wrought

  5. [quote comment=”11801″]Ah yes ‘Valve’… we have dismissed that claim.[/quote]

    +1 forever.

    Yeah, I don’t know what Valve is thinking, really. I’m sure that whatever even they throw will be heavily guarded against nerd backlash when we all find out for sure that it isn’t HL2-E3.

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