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MicrophoneIt’s that time again! Next week, we’re going to be releasing the 4th episode of The GamerSushi Show. That means that we need you guys to supply us some of those awesome questions we’ve been fielding during the recording session.

If we’ve neglected your questions before, we apologize. Sometimes we get rolling and we just don’t have the time to get to everything we want- but we seriously love the topics you guys have submitted! We’ll be recording the ‘cast on Sunday or Monday, just before all the craziness of E3 2010 begins, so feel free to make them E3 related if you wish. We’re also thinking of doing a post E3 wrap-up since there’s no possible way we’ll be able to keep up with the volume rolling in around that time.

So, what are your questions? Go!

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  1. Would you like to enlarge your e-penis?

    No okay.

    Modding is already a part of the gaming community and we’re seeing a growing love for community-made content, whether it’s Halo 3 Forge or G-Mod. How do you think modding will evolve in the future? Will it become as standard as multiplayer?

  2. When will the PC Community Night happen?

    Also, people are already talking about the “next generation” of consoles and gaming. Do you think it’s about time to move on, or is there more we can do with this generation?

  3. Do you have a wishlist of features for FFXV? If so, what might they be?

    Do you think they should port the latest FF games to the PC? Is there a market for PC versions of the games like FFX, XII, and XIII?

    What are your favourite RPG’s?

    Do any of you have dual monitors– what advantages may they have for gaming in the future?

    Did Sony make a mistake with the PSP Go?

    Will 3D gaming become the norm in the next five or so years?

  4. Oh (sorry for double posting), one last question:

    Ever thought up of any cool video game stuff? Weapons/levels etc?

    P.S: One more.

    Do you think level creation and game modification tools should be included in more and more games?

  5. What was the longest time you’ve spent gaming

    Have any of you guys gotten around to Peace Walker and if so any oppinions on it

  6. In choice-based games (Fallout 3, Mass Effect, etc) do you usually pick the answers you would in real life, or do you go off the norm and be a total bad ass? Do you ever feel guilty?

    I always play “good” and make the choices I think I would in real life.

  7. What are your opinions on remakes of old games? IE Final fantasy 1&2 on the Iphone, Pokemon firered (and that series) on the Ds. And more recently, the revamped version of Counterstrike Source (the current beta)

  8. After playing games like Red Dead Redeption, what are your expectations for Fallout: New Vegas,and (hopefully) HL2:E3

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