Today’s WTF: Dragon Age Anime Incoming?

DA animeAdmittedly, I’m probably not the best person to debate the merits of transferring video game franchises into an animated format, but I guess that Halo: Legends sold well enough to encourage other publishers to take a crack at it.

EA and BioWare recently announced that they’re teaming up with FUNimation to bring Dragon Age to home video with a feature length film. You may know FUNimation from their long career of importing Japanese cartoons to North America, most notably the Dragon Ball series. Of course, any video gamer worth their salt knows of Dragon Age, the epic medieval fantasy RPG that was lauded by critics and players alike as the premier RPG of 2009. The game has already seen a novel tie-in and a comic book deal, so an animation project really isn’t that far fetched.

While Halo: Legends may have soured me on this kind of endeavor, the fact that this is a full length film instead of several shorts may address some of the things I found lacking about Legends. What do you guys think? Anyone on board for a Dragon Age anime?

Source: EA

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8 thoughts on “Today’s WTF: Dragon Age Anime Incoming?”

  1. Could work. I wonder who will do the character designs.

    Remember that not everything anime is big eyes and little girls.

  2. Negative on that, brah.

    I’ll just ignore it like every other spin-off that is not remotely important to how the game is played.

  3. I can’t stand anime and I love Dragon Age. However Halo Legends wasn’t half bad so we’ll see. I wish they would have just done normal animation.

  4. To me, Dragon Age is much better suited to this format than Halo ever would have been. The idea of seeing more Dragon Age stories is pretty enticing, although I worry because it’s being done by the same studio that ruined DBZ.

  5. Well a Dragon Age Anime makes more sense than Halo Anime, buuut…nah, I just think it’s a waste of time.

  6. Not sure how this could possibly be a bad thing. Dragon Age is a great IP that deserves a chance to branch out into different mediums. Sure, an anime adaptation could prove to be awful, but there’s certainly great material to work with so it could just as easily be fantastic.

    Still, has FUNimation ever produced something like this internally before? I get the impression from reading the press release (and their limited description on wikipedia) that FUNimation has been more of a distributor of content developed by other (Japanese) studios than as a creative developer itself.

    Anyone know more about FUNimation? I don’t follow the anime scene at all so I’m completely in the dark about this company. Is it qualified to do Dragon Age justice?

    I also hope this project doesn’t end up in the same developmental hell that the “Conan: Red Nails” animated film has been in for the last several years.

  7. @ zayven, you pretty much right about Funimation, they’re responsible for distributing the majority of the anime that comes stateside.They also occasionally do the dubbing(voice casting and acting) for the shows they own the rights to. In short, If you watch an English dubbed anime in the states, it’s owned by Funimation.

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