Infamous 2 Announced

In keeping with this new theme of announcing blockbuster titles before E3, we are now able to confirm, thanks to Game Informer, that Infamous 2 is in the works for the Playstation 3.

Sucker Punch, the original developersĀ  of Infamous, will be in charge just as before and will feature

a new city, new powers and a powerful new foe.

Having been honestly shocked (get it?) at the high quality of the first game, I have to admit, I am pretty excited about this. Infamous competed with Prototype, another open-world game where you gained super powers and made moral choices, but I think anyone who has a reasonable amount of judgement would agree that Infamous was superior in almost every way.

Are you excited by this announcement? What would you like to see improved or changed in the sequel?

Source: 1UP

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6 thoughts on “Infamous 2 Announced”

  1. Actually I heard gameplay wise that Prototype was more fun. I personally only played Prototype and the gameplay was fun, story, graphics, missions, and everything else sucked though.

  2. YAY! New inFamous! I loved the first one so this is exactly what I want to hear from Sony. More (potentially) great games! An improvement over the last game I’d like to see is the whole endgame (I think that’s the correct terminology). When you completed the game you could go around the three districts and finish clearing them out of enemies via the sub-missions. This meant fewer/no enemies would return making it hard to scrounge around for some XP if you hand’t accumulated enough over the course of the story therefore preventing you from purchasing some upgrades. If that’s fixed (or if sub-missions could appear randomly, say after a district is cleared) I’ll be pleased.

    In regards to Sony announcing all their titles beforehand I’m guessing it’s one of these reasons:
    1. Last year half of their stuff was leaked so at least if THEY announce it it’s not as embarrassing.
    2. Uncharted 2 was announced prior to E3 yet it was still able to blow everyone away. They may just be trying a new presentation method.
    3. They’ve announced most of the BIG games and they’ve got something else in store for their E3 conference. Be it announcing new titles which would have been overshadowed by the other big guns or maybe looking to focus on some publishing deal with some dev studios they may want to save time by getting those out of the way. I would imagine a lot of their conference will focus on competing in the Waggle War (as it shall be known henceforth!) and combining it with 3D to seperate them AND to focus on their competition in the console’s online capabilities. It’s PS3 vs. 360 so they’ll be looking to prove this subscription package is worth it.
    4. Also, PSP2… with TWO analogue nubs!!! And NO PS4.

    *Phew* You guys had better read that, that’s easily one of my longest and best thought out coments/novels lol.

  3. [quote comment=”11671″]Actually I heard gameplay wise that Prototype was more fun. I personally only played Prototype and the gameplay was fun, story, graphics, missions, and everything else sucked though.[/quote]

    I played both and Prototype was a mess, which was upsetting b/c I really was excited about that one.

    I think Mitch played both and I know Eddy played Prototype. I think they concur, but you would have to ask them.

    1. Yeah I thought Prototype was an unfinished game, and quickly lost any luster it had within an hour or so. I haven’t played Infamous, but my impression of it is that it was at least much better made. I need to get around to playing that darn game!

  4. This is really good news for me. I loved the first one (way better than Prototype, IMO) and I think this could be a good chance to tweak an already great game. Like we saw with Assassin’s Creed 2, I hope Infamous 2 has more of a variety of side missions, and maybe make them replayable as well. That way, you could scrounge up that XP you missed during the game (like Skuba suggested) and finish up those trophies that have you killing 5 different bad guys with a car or something (five bad guys together were hard to find after you beat it).

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