The GamerSushi Show, Ep 3: Videogame Movies and Gas

Super Mario Bros MovieI hope that my fellow Americans out there have all enjoyed a grand holiday weekend, full of hot dogs and sunshine and whatever else makes you happy and patriotic. We took the opportunity of the three day weekend to not only play video games, but also talk about them via Skype. That’s right, it’s the third episode of our GamerSushi podcast. As always, we cover topics like what we’re playing, but also spend a lot of time on video game movies. In fact, the discussion gets pretty intense… like a circus.

In addition to the videogame movies debate, there is also a rather humorous issue that took place. You see, for reasons later revealed, Nick thought that he was on mute upon several occasions, when in fact, he was still being recorded. The funny thing is, we couldn’t hear him. So there are some choice noises that happen that couldn’t really be edited out, but they’re also hilarious, so it’s all good.

Anyway, here are the topics we discuss:

What Are You Playing?
Joystix, the Houston bar/arcade
Red Dead Redemption
Alan Wake and game advertising
Super Mario Galaxy 2

Community Questions
Favorite Video Game Weapons
Video Game Movies

Gaming News
Natal pricing/name rumors
Hardcore gamers play 48 hours a week
Killzone 3
Team Ico Collection Rumors

Again, hopefully you guys enjoy listening in. I think we’re getting much more natural and I really like the back and forth in this week’s episode. Feel free to leave a comment or any other feedback! Thanks, fools.

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12 thoughts on “The GamerSushi Show, Ep 3: Videogame Movies and Gas”

  1. Yay,you talked about my question 😀
    Shit, if i get another question in your next podcast, you should let me participate 😛

  2. I have a question for the next podcast:

    In your opinion, what is the most difficult level of any video game you’ve ever played

    ps. Water temple doesnt count

  3. Great episode, on the topic of no games being left for fall there is Mafia 2, Portal 2, Crysis 2, Civilization 5, F.E.A.R. 3, and Gran Turismo 5 just to name a few.

    as far as video game movies I think it would be cool to have a mass effect movie about earth finding a mass effect relay and first contact with the aliens.

  4. Again, Great job guys. A little feedback! I type as I listen and you guys end up talking about some of it which was sweet.

    Saving the best stuff and then never getting to use it happens to me ALL the time. That was kinda part of my podcast question about saving/loading a lot and trying to play perfectly.

    Video game movies: Do what Alan Wake did with their little webseries and do a Prequel. That way you can answer some fan questions and get away with making your own story and putting the characters that people know, and put them in places that are kind of familiar. As long as you get good actors and a good script that isn’t full of holes, it would be very effective, for almost any game.

    Movies of shitty video games = Postal. An example of “there isn’t really a story so it’s hard to go wrong”… and it still failed miserably. There were some funny parts, buuut sheesh.

    ^ And now as I listen on you guys are touching on these things haha.

    lol @ exxxxtreme gamer. 48 hours a WEEK? Jesus. I’m at around 20 (according to Steam), and I play CS and or BFBC2 every night for sure, but not THAT much. I call BS. They just want parents to read that and stop their kids from playing “Marios and Gun Friends” and ruining their grades XD.

    + Fuck Waggling. Just let me use a controller please 🙁

  5. Been following youguys since the leet world and I just had to say great podcast I loved it all

  6. Great podcast!

    Yeah, videogame movies usually suck because they try to take hours worth of gameplay and plot and reduce it to an hour and a half of underfunded garbage targeted at everyone except the original demographic (gamers). It’s a bit sad that Hollywood ran out of ideas a long time ago and instead have to buy up good ideas from books, comics, and videogames and try to turn them into generic action scripts.

    oops- rant.

    Oh, and: BURP!!!

  7. News flash, phil_tha_pill: Hollywood has been pillaging ideas from other mediums since the very beginning. Video games are just the latest victim. The overabundance of bad action scripts certainly isn’t anything new either, but history has thankfully forgotten the garbage genre movies of past decades. Go look up 70s and 80s action movies on netflix sometime; not a pretty sight.

    Let’s also not forget that comic book movies mostly sucked as well until very recently, and many of them are still pretty bad. The comparison might be a good one; much like video game movies, comic movies had to deal with a lot of low budget crap before enough creative forces aligned to produce decent adaptations. I think the Prince of Persia movie is a step in the right direction; it isn’t great, but it’s competent, enjoyable, and doesn’t completely desecrate the reputation of the source material.

    But getting back to the podcast, I forget who brought it up, but kudos to whoever mentioned Oddworld: Stranger’s Wrath in the favorite weapons discussion. That game was great. You only had one weapon, the crossbow, but it could be loaded with a variety of live ammunition. There were squirrels that attracted/annoyed enemies, a spider that shot webbing, the bee machine gun, a skunk that had a gas attack, a lightning bug and probably a few others that I’m forgetting. You made me want to run out and find a new copy of it to replace the one I sold years ago.

  8. Yeah. some of the all time classic movies were based on books:

    Gone with the Wind, The Godfather, The Maltese Falcon, Jaws, Lord of the Rings.

    Just takes the right magic to make it work.

  9. And then there’s wacky stuff like Parasite Eve, which was a movie based on a game based on a book.

    Okay, so to be fair, the game is only slightly related to the book and movie (its supposed to be a “sequel”), but it’s still a humorous situation, though maybe not for any Square fanboys that imported the movie expecting to see Aya using superhuman “mitochondrian” powers to fight all sorts of misbegotten monsters.

  10. Question for the next podcast:

    What are your favorite video game levels of all time?

    Who are your favourite video game characters?

    Ever contemplated making your own video game?

    Is there anything you think FFXV should bring back from the classics? I think: The old world map style. It saved a lot of time, and the concept was simple and easy, IMO.

    Any gaming sequel/remake wishes you’d like? 😀

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