Rumor: Mass Effect Going Multiplayer?

mass effect mmo rumor

Mass Effect 2 is one of the premier games of this year, and indeed, this generation. While the game could stand a bit of a slimming down in some areas (pre-patch mining being a good example), what could BioWare add to future iterations of the series? If you suggested multiplayer, it looks like you’re on the same page as the revered WRPG developers, as they’ve recently posted a few job openings for their Montreal, Quebec studio advertising Multiplayer Programmer positions.

Part of the job will be taking “existing single player experiences and making them multiplayer safe”, and ensuring that “the game engine and game systems work reliably and efficiently in a multiplayer environment.” While the job listing doesn’t state what kind of multiplayer the Mass Effect developers have in mind, it seems pretty clear that the studio is going to be making the jump very soon.

The posting doesn’t out and out say that Mass Effect 3 will be going online, but I wouldn’t rule anything out in that regard. Mass Effect 2’s engine was really, really solid so it could probably handle co-op play. Further speculation could point to a Mass Effect MMO, and, to use a term Eddy once coined, that very thought gives me a mind boner.

So, what do you guys think? Are you on board, and what do you predict will come of this? Is Mass Effect 3 going to have Team Deathmatch, or is this more of a long term goal for the series?

Edit: The posting has since been updated to exclude the mention of Mass Effect, so here’s the original blurb, to clear up any confusion:

We are working on Mass Effect, one of the industry’s most beloved and acclaimed franchises, as we build our way toward becoming a fully self-sufficient BioWare studio. If you want to help us achieve our mission of delivering the best story-driven games in the world, and you dream of being part of a dynamic, talented and focused team, now is the time to get onboard.

Source: Kotaku

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11 thoughts on “Rumor: Mass Effect Going Multiplayer?”

  1. But isn’t Bioware putting out the Old Republic mmorpg?

    Isn’t that why they might need some multiplayer programmers?

  2. BioWare Austin is working on the Star Wars MMO.

    The listing used to state that Montreal is working with the Mass Effect universe, but it has since been updated to exclude that.

  3. Okay, I didn’t realize from your first post that they specifically mentioned Mass Effect.

    And I guess it does say that it wants to take a single player engine and make it multiplayer, so that would pretty much rule out an mmo.

    I haven’t played Mass Effect, but from what I’ve heard about the gameplay it probably wouldn’t be too much of a stretch to give it a multiplayer option.

    Not sure it would be a smart idea, but that didn’t stop Retro from putting deathmatch in Metroid Prime 2 or 2K from adding multiplayer to Bioshock 2.

    Did the Montreal branch of Bioware develop Mass Effect or was that the Edmonton or Austin studios?

    For what it’s worth, I think Bioware Austin is working jointly with Lucasarts to develop the Old Republic mmorpg.

    1. It was the Edmonton studio with some outsourced work that went to Montreal to help them get it finished up on time, I believe.

      <— Has a friend at Bioware Edmonton.

  4. Gotcha.

    Bioware hasn’t made any noise about putting multiplayer in Mass Effect before, have they? I don’t have a 360 and I’m a mac user so the Mass Effect series has never really been on my radar aside from reading the occasional headline. Have they even dropped any hints about ME 3?

    Perhaps they’re planning to have Bioware Montreal develop a spin off game set in the Mass Effect universe? That really wouldn’t be Bioware’s MO, but I’d have said the same thing about Bethesda before Fallout: New Vegas was announced.

  5. [quote comment=”11578″]Wait, hold up? Bioware is working on The Old Republic? Is this a surprise to anyone else but me and Mitch???[/quote]

    You’re kidding… right?

  6. [quote comment=”11583″][quote comment=”11578″]
    You’re kidding… right?[/quote]


    [quote comment=”11582″]
    Have they even dropped any hints about ME 3?[/quote]

    Plenty. In Mass Effect 2, they mention that if you fail the mission, you won’t be able to export your saves.

  7. I really hope they do not do multiplayer, every game these days do not need multiplayer. However the Edmonton studio did make ME, although with Eddy’s mention I’m not so sure that would be a safe excuse. I’m keeping my fingers crossed.

  8. Btw, sorry for my sass in an earlier comment. I just dislike the trend of having to include 18 caveats because everyone on the Internet assumes you’re wrong about everything. Forgiveness, plz.

  9. I think mass effect with co op would work. The engine could do pretty well with it.

    Im sure it could work similar to borderlands maybe.

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