Gaming Pop Quiz, Summer Edition!

Well, we are entering into those hot summer months of video gaming, where there is usually a drought and we are forced to play or catch up on old titles. However, this year, we just got a new slew of games to get through, and that’s assuming we even got through the first couple of batches. I can’t wait to get caught up on Alan Wake, and I’m enjoying Red Dead Redemption for what little I’ve played of it. I figured with all of this going on, it was time for another Gaming Pop Quiz.

So, for our gaming pop quiz, we’ve come up with 7 different questions about your gaming history. As always with our getting-to-know-you type games, feel free to answer with as much or as little as you like. Obviously, some of these things you might not remember, but answer to the best of your ability. Go!

1. If you could switch the genre of any game to another, which game would it be and to what genre?

2. What games would you like to see bundled together and re-released in HD?

3. What is your favorite video game weapon/power-up of all time?

4. How many hours a week do you play video games?

5. What is the best boss battle you’ve played in a game?

6. Which video game do you most want to see as a movie, and who do you want attached to it?

7. What is the most money you’d pay for your favorite game, if video games ever started wildly fluctuating in price?

Quiz away, fools!

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17 thoughts on “Gaming Pop Quiz, Summer Edition!”

  1. 1. I would have to go with switching Borderlands to an MMORPG. I think it would have suited the game better.

    2. All the Paper Mario games, the COD games, and the ecco the dolphin games(imagine that on HD!)

    3. The obvious choice here would be the Gravity Gun or Portal Gun, but I have a thing for random powerful crap, so im going to say the Shockwave Q pin from The World Ends With You

    4. According to steam, about 16 hours a week, but this doesent count my time on my Xbox, Nintendo DS, or Ps3.

    5. Hmmm… I think the ones that stick out are Princess Shroob from Mario and Luigi: Partners in time, Gannondorf from Ocarina of Time(SUPER SPECIAL AWESOME ENERGY BALL PING PONG!), and the Tank from Left 4 Dead.

    6. Bioshock. Someone else pick the actors for me.

    7. I would pay 200 bucks for portal 2 when it comes out, and pretty much any sega genesis game.

  2. 1 – I want a first person Ace Attorney game on the Wii.

    2 – The three original Half-Life’s, sure HL got ported to the source engine but very little was changed graphically. Even if the black mesa mod ever gets released there’s still Blue Shift and Opposing Force. I would pay full price for all 3 together with HL2 graphics.

    3 – Crowbar from HL! But really it would either be the Super Gravity Gun or Sascha from TF2 (heavys minigun).

    4 – It varies wildly but probably close to 40.

    5 – *insert any zelda boss battle here*

    6 – No video game movie is ever any good so I would pick the game with the most annoying fanHALObase to knock them down.

    7 – £60/$90 for just the disc and £100/$150 for Collectors Editions. (Not accurate monetary conversions, just estimates)

  3. 1. I would want an Oblivion-like Zelda. End of story.

    2. That’s a toughie. Either the original Doom games, original Quake games, or the Star Wars Dark Forces games.

    3. Probably Sanguines Rose or Finger The Mountain from Oblivion.

    4. I’ve given up on counting.

    5. As James said above, practically and Zelda Boss Battle, though my favorite is the final battle from OoT

    6. I would say HL2, but now that Dennis Hopper is dead, who can be Breen?

    7. If I didn’t have my current stash of games, maybe $100 for one of my favorites.

  4. Awesome! I love these quizzes, guys!

    1) I think an FPS version of Age of Mythology would be cool. Age of Mythology is by Ensemble Studios, the guys who made Age of Empires and Halo Wars, and it’s obviously an RTS. AoM combines humans and siege weapons with legendary heroes and mythical monsters and god powers. An FPS version of AoM would have skirmishes of human, hero, and mythical units and would be a lot of fun to use all the different soldiers and monsters. God powers could work like the killstreaks in MW2 or be obtained by capturing Monuments or Obelisks. Oh snap, that would be awesome!

    2) I’d love to have the full Fire Emblem series repackaged and in HD, including the ones that were Japan-only. That, or every single one of the Castlevanias.

    3) Combat Shotgun from Left 4 Dead. Boom. And I have a ton of other favorites, but there’s just too many to count.

    4) 3 hours x 5 days + 15 hours = 30 hours per week, give or take 2 hours or something.

    5) Dammit, another Best of All!? Ugggh, you’re killin’ me. Top 3 in no order: The Master from Fallout 1, Ganon from Ocarina of Time, Glados from Portal.

    6) I like Jarred Moose’s idea, the Bioshock movie. I think it’d be better to have a plot different from Bioshock 1 or 2 but still set in Rapture after the Civil War. Leonardo DiCaprio could be the protagonist, and maybe there could be some black guy played by Denzel Washington. And maybe Daniel Day-Lewis could play Andrew Ryan or a similar character, since it doesn’t have to follow the games’ plots.

    7) I’m not paying over $100 for a game, unless the collector’s edition is amazing and the game is tenfold amazing. I’d like to see future games be DLC, like Battlefield 1943, which would be able to cost less which would be nice.

    Great questions, guys! Can’t wait for the next quiz!

  5. 1. Hm this is tough. I don’t have an answer.

    2. Deus Ex 1&2, even though Deus Ex 2 blew.

    3. GravGun/PortalGun is obvious choice.. But I’ll say the Crossbow in HL2, love me some sticking bodies to walls.

    4. According to steam I’ve played 45.9 hours in the last 2 weeks.

    5. This is hard to remember.. I’d say my most memorable would be the endings of MGS2. Outer Heaven (?) and then the sword fight was pretty sweet.

    6. DOOM (lol). I Like James Freeman’s answer.

    7. I would pay monthly for CS, or even STEAM as a service. I’d go real high for Valve games.

  6. 1. Great question! I would like to see what I thought we were going to have, which was an Alien RPG.

    2. The old Final Fantasy games. You can put 1-3 on one disk, 4-6 on another and 7-9 on a 3rd. Instant win.

    3. The star from Mario. When that music starts, I take off and speed as fast I as can through the level.

    4. About 10 or so.

    5. Ooh…Kefka from FF VI. The build up, fighting a living tower and the whole culmination was epic.

    6. Uncharted starring Nathan Fillion.

    7. 100 bucks

  7. 1. Fallout 3, make it fallout-style. I love open-world games, and Morrowind remains my favorite game of all time, but Bethesda really screwed the pooch with oblivion and fo3. The gamebryo engine was nice for its time, but these days it looks kind of…fail.

    2. You can easily guess my answer to this by now. Morrowind, Morrowind, Morrowind, and the expansions to Morrowind. Oh, and System Shock 2 while you’re at it.

    3. If you’ve ever played painkiller, there’s a weapon that doubles as a chaingun and rocket launcher. There’s also one that shoots shurikens and lightning. Take your pick.

    4. Unfortunately there’s hardly any time anymore…I’d say around 5-10 lately.

    5. Putting Shadow of the Colossus aside (that’s cheating), I’ll agree with a few of you guys above and say Ganon from OoT. To this day I fear the redead’s wail.

    6. Mass Effect, with Robert Downy Jr as Shepard.

    7. WHEN video games start fluctuating wildly in price, I’ll only pay premium (i.e. $60 or more) for developers I support. Valve, for example, I’d pay top dollar for. TF2 is easily worth two, three hundred dollars based on how many hours I’ve gotten out of it, and I like what they’re doing. SC2, though, wouldn’t get much more than thirty. Solid game, I’m sure, but I just don’t like Blizzard.

  8. 1 Mirror’s Edge: changed to a free-roam adventure.
    2 MGS1-3! With updated controls and camera (make it happen Konami!).
    3 Cold-Blooded Pro. BEST. PERK. EVER.
    4 Too many.
    5 Pysco Mantis or Andrew Ryan. Simple, genius, effective.
    6 Hitman but with the guy who does his voice in the games because it would add so much to the experience.
    7 £60. But it had better have additional content.

  9. 1: Streets of Rage as an open world RPG

    2: The Thief series (Dark Project, Metal Age, and Deadly Shadows)

    3: Flamestrike (cleric spell in Baldur’s Gate: Dark Alliance 2)

    4: Probably around 10

    5: Abadd (final boss in Panzer Dragoon Orta)

    6: Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic

    7: Seeing as how we used to pay upwards of $80-90 for games back in the 16 bit days (Phantasy Star 4 and Chrono Trigger, we’re looking at you), I guess I’d say that $100 would be the absolute limit for a new game. Used and rare is a whole different matter, of course (excuse me while I go look for a Panzer Dragoon Saga listing for under $250).

  10. 1. Hmm…World of Warcraft as an RTS. I think it could work.

    2. Metal Gear Solid. Maybe Halo.

    3. Well, either the Gravity Gun or the assault rifle from Halo: CE.

    4. About ten? Maybe? I’m not too sure.

    5. Ganon in the Ocarina of Time. Also, Majora’s Mask when I got the Fierce Deity Mask. So pimp.

    6. I still want to see that Halo movie. Too bad Neill Blomkamp and Peter Jackson dropped out, they would have been perfect.

    7. I already pay like, seventy dollars for my games. I think eighty would be my max.

  11. 1. Punch Out RTS!

    2. Doom HD (not Serious Sam HD, I want some good old DX11 with thousands of polygons per enemy)

    3. I’d hate to be obvious and pick the portal gun so I pick the smash ball from SSBB. I wonder what my final smash would be.

    4. Steam says 18 hours.

    5. Dark Link from Orcarina of Time, but to be unique I say Mysterio from Spider Man 2.

    6. Duke Nukem Forever the Movie

    7. Probably 75$ max (I assert my authority to type like I speak, so the dollar sign goes after!)

  12. 1. Man, all my favorite games are fine just the way they are…I’d make Dragon Age multiplayer. That counts.

    2. Probably a weird choice, but I always liked the Fear Effect games. Although those games are PS1, so I don’t know how much HD would improve the graphics. Either that or Oddworld, especially Stranger’s Wrath. (I’ll also second Morrowind, wox!)

    3. The dual hidden blades in Assassin’s Creed 2…so cool.

    4. Since I’m done with student teaching? Way too much. when I was working? Maybe 10.

    5. I loved that boss battle against that huge minotaur in either GoW 1 or 2…where you had to slam a battering ram into his armor. Also the flying colossus at the lake in SotC and the Old Monk in Demon’s Souls (if you played it you’d know why.)

    6. Miyazaki should do an Okami movie. Never happen, though.

    7. Right now, I’d say I won’t spend over $80 (unless it’s a really cool LE or something), but I’m sure that will change someday…

  13. [quote comment=”11567″]1. Hmm…World of Warcraft as an RTS. I think it could work.

    See Warcraft III

  14. [quote comment=”11606″][quote comment=”11567″]1. Hmm…World of Warcraft as an RTS. I think it could work.

    See Warcraft III[/quote]

    Pretty sure that was a joke.

  15. [quote comment=”11608″]Definitely a joke.[/quote]

    hey, you know that Warcraft II was actually an RTS before Warcraft III?

    True story.

  16. 1. Genres don’t contribute to games in my opinion. Sorry if that’s being a spoiled sport.

    2. Prime games, with improved and more realistic graphics and mechanics. It would be great to see the Metroid series on a whole look more realistic, besides the morph ball transformation, of course.

    3. Can’t decide on this.

    4. Enough for me to regret it sometimes. At least 1 hour a day.

    5.SoTC put boss battles on another level. No other boss battles I can think of really compare. There aren’t many good bosses nowadays.

    6. Still wouldn’t mind seeing a proper Halo movie. Bioshock would also be my pick. Maybe a Lost Planet as well.

    7. $169.99 with an incredibly good length and without DLC’s. With $40 more for an incredibly good multiplayer. Game should last at least 8 months before it gets to the “simply replaying because the game is good” stage.

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