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PodcastOK, a week has gone by since our last super awesome podcast. Granted, it was mostly awesome because Mitch wasn’t present, but that’s beside the point. We’re working on phasing him out for you guys, but it’s a slow and painful process. I kid! Maybe.

Anyway, we’ll be recording a brand new edition of the GamerSushi Show this weekend, and like last time, we want some user submitted topics. These were great fun for us to riff on, and if you listened to most of the bit, you’ll notice that most of the show was dedicated to the awesome questions we got, to the point that we had to skip out on a few of them.

So, if your question was skipped over last time, or if you have a new one, feel free to re-submit that here and hopefully we’ll have a chance to discuss it this weekend. Thanks dudes!

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  1. What are your opinions on remakes of old games? IE Final fantasy 1&2 on the Iphone, Pokemon firered (and that series) on the Ds. And more recently, the revamped version of Counterstrike Source (the current beta)

  2. [quote comment=”11525″]What are your opinions on remakes of old games? IE Final fantasy 1&2 on the Iphone, Pokemon firered (and that series) on the Ds. And more recently, the revamped version of Counterstrike Source (the current beta)[/quote]

    Dang it, Benny,I was gonna ask that! 🙂
    That being said, what is your favorite weapon of all time? I’m talking about any kind of weapon: swords, staffs, guns, Zero-Point Energy Field Manipulators,jars full of certain liquid bodily fluids… you name it.

  3. Oh boy, where do i start.

    Okay. Any of you guys ever played Linkin Park’s 8-Bit Rebellion for the Iphone/etc?

    What is your most Favorite Final Fantasy game and why?

    Do you think they should return to the classic world map style in FFXV?

    How many of you liked Final Fantasy VII: Advent Children?

    Do you think everyone is just copying PS2’s “Eye Toy” w/motion sensor stuff?

    PC gaming VS console gaming? Opinions?

    What MMO’s do you guys prefer over others and why?

    Ever thought about learning a game engine, say Unreal 3, and making your own video games?

    When are you going to fix your audio levels? Sorry, I just had to ask. It was the only problem i found with the last podcast, was that some people’s audio levels were really quiet, so i had to turn up the speakers to hear them, then when someone else, say Eddy (for example), spoke, it was really freakin loud and i had to turn it down again. Aside from that, your podcasts are awesome, Looking forward to the next one 🙂

  4. Perhaps to coincide with the release of the Prince of Persia movie, you could talk a bit about the history of movies based on video games. Why are they most often failures? What could be done differently to improve them? Is there some inherent problem with adapting an interactive medium into a passive one? What adaptations (if any) have been successful and why?

  5. I’d like to know how you guys feel about Save Anywhere vs. Checkpoints in games. That was really my big thing when I first decided to be a PC gamer. A lot of console games only saved at predetermined points, where as earlier PC games you could save wherever….

    BUT saving wherever makes me a “perfect” player, I save before I pick a lock if there’s a chance I could break my lockpick… I save before entering dialogue in case I choose the wrong thing… It has become a burden and sometimes pulls me out of the game – I’d like to know if you guys experience this, or if my OCD is just getting the best of me.

    Thanks guys, can’t wait!

  6. [sorry for double post]

    I see the picture is of a microphone.. I’d still like to know what Mic’s you guys use for your productions – even if it only applies to me? Geek-out hardware style (it only takes a few seconds to name them!)!

  7. What is your favourite BioWare/SE game and why?

    Also why does said game totally pwn all games from the other company?

  8. What do you guys think about the new Killzone game (the 3D one) that was announced? I know you recently made a post about it, but it’d be nice to hear more opinions.

  9. I’ve finally gotten the chance to watch your podcasts after my uber-busy schedule and I love them! So here we go:

    I grew up the N64 and Gameboy, and the Gamecube and Gameboy Advance, and the many fantastic titles had a profound effect on my childhood. I can’t really explain why when I look back on the games, but I believe it had something to do with me being younger, or the games being simpler and truly innovative for their time. So here are my questions:

    1) “What makes a game or generation games so influential to us gamers? Think of what games you loved to play as you grew up, whether as a tiny kid or a young teenager. Was it the graphics or gameplay or story that made the games good? Was it the fact that games and genres were still evolving and had so many opportunities to innovate that the gaming culture similarly prospered with the sense of true progress? Was it just nostalgia?”

    2) “Do you think there will ever be another generation of games that such a grand effect on a generation of kids? Do you believe that without a chance for true innovation (since graphics are so incredible, gameplay is so complex, and the big franchises have been worked to death) that a gaming generation can’t have the great memories and experiences we had? Do you think developers will sort of remake or pay homage to older games in terms of gameplay and genre and story, like making unofficial spiritual successors to Zelda, Mario, Castlevania, etc.? Do you think Nintendo and Sony and Microsoft will make new games and franchises or just take advantage of a new generation by re-releasing games, or will they not be around anymore?”

    3) “Do you think that Platformers ad Adventure games and early RPG’s are what made our childhood generations so fun and different from today’s emphasis on Shooters and the Open World Sandbox game? Do you believe that future generations will have the same reverence for Shooters like Call of Duty that we had for Adventure games like Zelda?”

    4) “Do you believe that during the future big gaming generations (like when we have our children), the industry will revert to making simpler games that will be similar to games we played as kids, sort of retro-esque games? Will they focus on innovations with amazing graphics and motion control and other things that seem to be very different from what made early games so memorable and fun? Will future kid gamer generations mainly play casual games?”

    I’ve spent about 30 minutes trying to word those questions right, so sorry if they’re still a bit vague. The reason I’m so interested is because I want to know if I will have a chance as a future game developer to be able to create the games that define a generation of gamers. I want to make that Ocarina of Time, that Mario, that Pokemon that truly affects a generation profoundly. I just don’t know if the gaming industry will be similar enough for me to make the games that will be cherished by a young generation of gamers and not unappreciated because it didn’t use motion control.

    Thanks so much for, ya know, reading. lol

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