GamerSushi Asks: Last Gaming Obsession?

Red Dead RedemptionOh video games, how I miss thee. I’m going on about a week now with no video gaming of any kind to speak of. This is partly from just being busy with regular old life things, but also because my wife and I went to Florida over the weekend for a nice break with some old friends. While the trip was awesome, I didn’t get to play any video games, so that was just a bit bogus.

So, now that I’m going through my withdrawals and the hallucinations are starting to settle in, I’ve been reminding myself how awesome it is to “go into the light” so to speak, and play video games until it’s completely unhealthy to do so. That’s right, I’m craving a mega gaming binge. Really, while I’ve had a few binges in recent months, it’s been a long time since I’ve been truly obsessed with a game. I think the last one for me was sadly, Halo Wars. I played the game every single night for months without stopping. The funny thing is, it wasn’t even that good of a game.

So what about you guys? With Red Dead Redemption, 3D Dot Game Heroes, Alan Wake and Super Mario Galaxy 2 dropping on us this week, it seems like the time is ripe for more gaming obsessions to begin anew. What was your last or most recent one? Go!

Also, I leave you all with a gchat conversation Mitch and I had about Red Dead Redemption today. After the jump.

Mitch: I have a riddle for you
Mitch: what is red, dead, and in my glove compartment?
Eddy: : (
Eddy: a person?
Eddy: dont say
Eddy: its a person
Mitch: YESSSSssssssss
Eddy: snap
Mitch: your mom
Eddy: …
Mitch: wait
Mitch: that’s
Mitch: …bad..
Mitch: ?
Eddy: : (
Eddy: mama nooooo
Mitch: OMG
Mitch: that is so sad
Mitch: lol

Yes, this is how intelligent we are.

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8 thoughts on “GamerSushi Asks: Last Gaming Obsession?”

  1. With Half Life 2 and Episode 1 getting achievements, I think I’ll be playing that for…a day or 2. But I’ve been jonesing hard with TF2 recently.

  2. Probably Fallout 3 this past December/January, which was around the time I bought my ps3.

    I don’t think it was as intense as my obsession with Metroid Prime a few years back, though. I recall scheming to get out of family events with the in-laws during the holidays to sneak home and play Metroid.

    My obsession with Elder Scrolls 3: Morrowind before that was pretty bad, too. I actually got out of bed two hours before my kids woke up to get extra playing time. If you knew how much I hate waking up early, you would understand how shocking this was.

  3. Before Demon’s Souls, I felt like I had been missing that gaming obsession for too long. Demon’s Souls definitely cured that, though. I logged hundreds of hours on that game, even after I got platinum. I even picked it up again recently…it’s still great.

    More recently, I couldn’t put down FFXIII until I finally got platinum, and right now it’s 3D Dot Game Heroes. I’m in the middle of my third playthrough, this time in “From Mode”, and still can’t put it down. I don’t know if I can get platinum (damn Dash Circuit!!), but I’m gonna try!

  4. Haha right now I’ve been taken over by Red Dead Redemption, clocking 1 day and 3 hours of play time into it so far. I beat the story last night and I have to say it’s one of the best video game endings I’ve seen, and I literally had to walk away for thirty minutes to process what I’d seen. Amazing game.

  5. Lets see, Im still playing quite a bit of borderlands(continuing the trend of playing games several years after they’re cool), Garrys Mod is still entertaining me with its Custom RP gamemodes, and Im trying to get through Mega Man 2 without Dying.

  6. I’m loving Red Dead Redemption’s single- and multi-player, and it’s a fantastic game overall. The only I’d change are the cover mechanics which sometimes feel a touch awkward, but really aren’t horrible.

    As for my gaming obsessions, RDR has been my recent one, but Fallout 3 was my obsession before that. I love open-world games for consuming my life and engrossing me in a spectacularly large world, and Fallout 3 delivered. I’m pumped for getting lost in New Vegas. Before Fallout 3, I was really obsessed with Call of Duty 4, and it looks like there won’t be another CoD game quite like it, but at least a lot of folks still play CoD4, which is great.

  7. I’m still obsessed with Far Cry 2. I love that game. And it’s old… Well, whatever. It’s so engrossing. I even printed off a 3′ by 3′ map with all the diamonds and Jackal tapes on it. I have that out while I play, I feel rather badass (or nerdy, hard to tell). But yeah, I find the game engrossing. I think it’s how all games should be done really.

  8. While playing Fallout 3 I had to look up and remind myself what day it was, and that I didn’t actually live in post-apocalyptic DC. The only saving grace was that it was a rental so I had to take it back after a week. Thank goodness, who knows what could have become of me otherwise.

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